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Optus Uecomm Ethernet VPN

A simple, reliable, scalable network for mid-sized businesses.

The agile Uecomm Ethernet service platform is purpose-built for business and makes it easier for your company to respond quickly to business changes. Ideal for linking business sites, it allows for the easy convergence and sharing of information with your stakeholders and customers.


  • The use of simple, well understood protocols reduces your training and ongoing management costs.
  • The network can grow as you do. Upgrade your sites with minimal impact. Enjoy many-to-many connectivity, with 24/7 monitoring and enhanced reporting options.

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Optus Uecomm WDM

High-speed, low latency, dedicated WDM connectivity

Uecomm point-to-point Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) network solutions are ideal for Storage Area Networks (SANs) and delivering mission-critical traffic between major customer sites. With a bandwidth of up to 80G, WDM allows you to replicate and back-up vital data to a secure data centre.


  • Combine the inherent reliability of the Uecomm network with your choice of service level to manage and protect mission-critical data and applications.
  • Flexible point to point, ring or hub-and-spoke options to support a wide range of industry standard customer protocols including non-Ethernet.

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Optus Uecomm Internet

Business quality connectivity with simple implementation.

Ideal for medium sized Enterprises, Uecomm is a flexible, fast and reliable internet connection over a dedicated international network and static IP address. Uecomm offers a choice of internet support services such as domain name hosting, mail relay and gateway protocol; to connect you with clients around the world.


  • Select usage based or flat rate payment options.
  • Only pay for the level of service you need, with a wide range of bandwidth and port speeds to suit various business requirements, plus detailed reporting.
  • Your single point of contact - the Optus Uecomm Network Operations Centre - is accessible 24/7 to quickly help resolve network or connectivity issues.

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Optus Uecomm MNW

An efficient way to manage your Uecomm Ethernet VPN network

Delivered over a Uecomm Ethernet VPN service, Optus Uecomm Managed Network Services are ideal for medium-sized businesses that want enhanced network performance and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), without the hassle and cost of day-to-day network administration. Features:

  • Choose Managed Router services across multiple sites and optional Managed Firewall for traffic filtering.
  • Our easy-to-use customer portal website features current and historical performance metrics to assist with strategic planning.

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