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Optus Managed Cloud - Server

Servers and storage as service.

There is an alternative to spending significant capital expenditure and time catering for the server and storage capacity needed by your business - cloud-based server computing.

Optus cloud solution, Optus Managed Cloud - Server, is built on resilient server technologies, capable of delivering server computing power to meet the performance needs of most enterprise applications, as well as supporting a broad choice of operating systems.


  • Dedicated server systems: whole-servers with up to 512GB of RAM per server, enabling support for a broad choice of server computing applications that can be managed by you or Optus through the use of appropriate access and management technologies.
  • Storage: High performance Optus All-Flash Storage (powered by Pure Storage).
  • Service options: including managed operating systems, managed ESXi and vCentre, data protection services, firewall services, operating systems and application software services.
  • Service management and support: ongoing technical support with service desk (available 24 hours 7 days a week), change management and service management reporting.
  • Platform availability and service level agreements (SLAs): designed to ensure the service availability matches your needs.
  • Connectivity: cost effective, flexible connectivity across a range of access types (sold separately).


Optus Managed Cloud - Server Datasheet


  • Avoid large capital investments for new servers, infrastructure and facilities by leveraging Optus Managed Cloud - Server
  • Helps to minimise operational costs and time associated with deploying server resources
  • Scalable IT resources can help organisations that need to grow cloud based server resources
  • Dual zones to assist with removing business and IT risks associated with single site operations
  • Access via a range of connectivity services
  • High performance Optus All-Flash Storage (powered by Pure Storage)
  • Optional services including managed operating systems, managed virtual machines, data protection services and firewalls for organisations who wish to outsource their entire IT


As a major and trusted provider Optus has the reach and capacity to readily address the dynamic demands of government and business enterprises.

With the security and performance of Optus' data centre, the Optus Evolve and Optus Uecomm networks and storage of data onshore in ISO 27001 certified facilities, your business critical infrastructure and data will be in great hands.

To find out more about how Optus Managed Cloud - Server solutions can help your business become more agile, contact your Optus Business Account Manager or to register your interest in Cloud Solutions, please call 1800 555 937.


Optus Managed Cloud - Server is ideal for pre-production/staging workloads, production workloads and DR workloads. The service is available from either the NSW or Victoria zones allowing you to separate workload requirements. This helps you to have a robust server application delivery model to support around the clock operation.

Optus Managed Cloud - Server is provided to you and charged on a monthly basis (over a minimum contract term of 24 months). The service charges reflect a set price for the quantity of server systems and storage resources allocated to you and any additional services acquired such as managed operating systems, managed virtual machines, data protection services, operating system licenses, internet and firewall protection.


Choice of server types - Leveraging a choice of server system specifications provides flexibility for application workloads that can be virtualised versus those that require dedicated compute CPU-power.

Storage - High performance Optus All-Flash Storage (powered by Pure Storage) is superior in speed to traditional spinning disk storage, and can effortlessly scale to meet your organisation's requirements.

Operating systems and software - Server systems within Optus Managed Cloud - Server can be used in conjunction with your own operating system licenses (providing the licenses are not used elsewhere) or operating system licensing can be supplied by Optus as part of the service offering. This flexibility offers you a broad choice of operating systems, operating system licensing and application licensing for use with the service.

Optional service catalogue -There are a number of optional services that relate to Optus Managed Cloud - Server that can assist in enhancing your cloud experience. Talk to your Optus account manager about these options.


Our IaaS server systems are designed to handle even the most challenging server application needs.


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