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Optus Managed Cloud - Compute (VMware)

Infrastructure as a Service

Instead of spending significant CAPEX and time to cater for additional production capacity, peak fluctuations or testing and development environments, you can now simply consume additional infrastructure as required as part of your monthly Optus bill.

Optus Managed Cloud - Compute (VMware) gives you access to virtualised computing and storage capacity on demand over the highly secure Optus Evolve or Optus Uecomm networks. This Virtual Private Data Centre offers a new, highly efficient way of orchestrating your IT resources, with a cost effective, flexible and above all secure cloud solution.


Optus Managed Cloud - Compute (VMware) includes:

  • Self-service portal - Create, use and manage components of your network with ease.
  • Compute/Memory - determines your required level of resource allocation via the flexibility of slices.
  • High Performance Storage - Optus All-Flash Storage (powered by Pure Storage) which is significantly superior in speed to traditional spinning disk storage.
  • Service management and support - 24 x 7 service desk, change management and service management reporting.
  • Service platform targets and SLAs - Designed to ensure maximum service availability to match your needs.
  • Choice of Data Centres - Ability to provision workloads in Melbourne or Sydney.
  • Connectivity - Reliable, flexible, scalable and cost effective connectivity with Optus Evolve IP VPN, Optus Evolve Ethernet WAN, Optus Evolve Internet and Optus Uecomm Ethernet.


Optus Managed Cloud - Compute (VMware) Datasheet


  • Avoid large capital investments for new servers, infrastructure and facilities by leveraging Optus Managed Cloud - Compute (VMware).
  • Scalable IT resources on demand can help organisations that need elasticity in cloud-based server compute resources.
  • Helps to remove business and IT risks associated with single site operations.
  • Secure network protection through the Optus Evolve or Optus Uecomm networks.
  • Optional Managed Service Options available for organisations who wish to outsource their entire IT.


As a major and trusted provider Optus has the reach and capacity to readily address the dynamic demands of government and business enterprises.

With the added security and performance of Optus' data centre, the Optus Evolve and Optus Uecomm networks and storage of data onshore in ISO 27001 certified facilities, you can be reassured that your business critical infrastructure and data will be in safe hands.

To find out more about how Optus Managed Cloud - Compute (VMware) solutions can help your business become more agile, contact your Optus Business Account Manager.


Fixed compute capacity from the Infrastructure as a Service model is reserved based on Slices of resource. You can then create Virtual Machines from within your own pool of resources, giving you flexibility and control over cost, consumption, provisioning and tear down. This provides significant efficiency improvements when compared to the traditional data centre model where changes to hardware involve a long process cycle of investigation, design and physical implementation.

Moves, adds and changes are performed as required using the online self-service portal enabling you to enact necessary changes in near real time.

Optus Managed Cloud - Compute (VMware) is provided and charged on a monthly basis. The service charges reflects a set price for the amount of compute, infrastructure and storage resources allocation to you and any additional charges consumed such as operating system licences, internet and firewall protection.


Data protection - Several backup options provide you with disaster avoidance, protection and recovery. You can leverage host based backup software, host based replication software or choose a managed backup option.

Operating systems and software - You can create Virtual Machines, and populate content into your Virtual Machine using either existing Optus templates or by creating your own custom template. This flexibility offers you the choice of operating systems, operating system licensing, and application licensing.

Optional service catalogue - There are a number of related services that can assist to enhance your Cloud experience including Internet, virtual firewall, private network, and managed services.


Save yourself the hassle. Use the cloud for your computing and storage needs.


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