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Connecting locations

Advanced communications to help your business thrive.

If you've built your corporate network over time, you may have a lot of complex connections between your sites and find it difficult to launch new applications and services without significant redesign. Your network may not even support the latest converged services like IP voice or unified communications across all your sites. A new generation network can make a big difference.


Optus' new generation national IP network, Optus Evolve allows enterprises to build private data connections between their offices and other sites using virtual services rather than dedicated physical infrastructure, which can be more expensive and inefficient to run.

Optus Evolve uses multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) to deliver improved class of service and quality of service compared to standard IP packet routing. This enables you to consolidate voice, video and data on a single network and to prioritise the traffic.

MPLS also moves the complexity to the service provider's network so it's easier for you to provision and remove IP VPN connections or change the connection speed. You can simply connect your router to a provider edge router over Ethernet. There is no need for complex and time-consuming WAN routing or high-maintenance IPSec firewall routers. This is as close as it gets to plug-and-play networking.

Backed by Optus SLA's, Optus Evolve is reliable, secure and affordable, with centralised network administration and advanced reporting functions to make your IT department's job easier.


Optus Evolve has been purpose built from the ground up to make it simpler to connect your sites and launch converged services so your business' systems can respond more quickly to customer and employee needs.

With Optus Evolve it's simple to add new functions over time just by adding another module, so you can pick and choose how Optus Evolve will expand with your business.

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Intelligent network solutions to keep your business connected


For businesses with high bandwidth demands, a direct fibre link delivers secure high speed, direct connectivity for uninterrupted transmission of mission critical data and real-time business applications - giving you the power to move massive volumes of information.

A direct fibre link (also known as a private line, leased line, data line) can help you:

  • Send and share very large files across a secure environment

  • Transfer large volumes of data to disaster recovery centres or for storage access network (SAN) replication

  • Communicate with streaming video and run other bandwidth-intensive applications such as computer-aided design and imaging

  • Support time-critical information with high speed access


With Optus you can rely on having robust business services whether you're looking for shared or dedicated connectivity for locations locally, across the country or around the world.

Case Study: Cancer Council Queensland

New data network improving Cancer Council Qld's Communications.


Case Study: Corporate Travel Management

Optus Business helps in finding better ways to service customers.


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