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Optus Transact Plus

Fast and secure transport of short transactions to your host system.

Banks and other financial institutions, retailers, health providers and more turn to Optus Transact Plus when they need a reliable transaction service, either with or without a fixed line.

Optus Transact Plus enables secure, effective transport and monitoring of short duration messages from transactional devices through to the host. It supports many applications and devices, both financial and non-financial.

The Transact Plus network provides fast call connection times, superior reliability, a high level of system redundancy, dynamic rerouting, wide geographic coverage and value added features, at a low cost per transaction.


Availability and support - Optus Transact Plus is a fully-managed service operating with 24x7 network availability and support.

Flexibility - You can choose between wireless and fixed line links to connect devices.

Billing - Clear, concise billing on a per-transaction basis makes your bills transparent and simple.

Security - You can choose to manage fraud by running searches on specific devices, or by setting up alerts for specific transaction types and patterns.


Business continuity - Optus Transact Plus network is highly resilient greatly reducing the risk of loss of business due to an outage or network interruption.

Enhanced business intelligence through real-time view - Our online reporting and monitoring tool enables you to see both the big picture such as traffic patterns and performance, and the detail of the progress of single transactions.

Win and retain merchants through superior performance - Fast transaction response means your merchants can offer a more efficient service to their clients and increase business through improved customer flow.

Grow your business, cost-effectively - Optus Transact Plus has the network flexibility to handle a wide range of established and emerging Australian and International protocols and access methods. So your business can readily expand with new channels and devices without the need for costly back-end integration.

Reduce fraud related costs - Fraud associated costs can be minimised through optional fraud reporting and fraud alert tools which proactively monitor and block (where instructed) fraudulent transactions.

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