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Optus SmartPay

Flexibility to accept payments online or over the phone.

Australians are increasingly embracing online payments, with 60% of Australians with internet access paying most of their bills online*. Behaviour like this is causing organisations to re-think the payment options that they are offering customers, and expanding to include online payments, payments accepted over the telephone, and through call centres.

Optus SmartPay provides a secure, automated end-to-end payment solution that allows your customers to make payments online or over the telephone, 24 hours a day.

Optus SmartPay has attained PCI-DSS compliance, which means greater security assurance and data protection for our customers. Optus SmartPay is the first payment gateway from a telco to attain this international security certification in Australia and New Zealand.

*Strategic Review of Innovation in the Payments System: Results of the Reserve Bank of Australia's 2010 Consumer Payments Use Study, June 2011


PCI-DSS Compliant - PCI-DSS is a globally recognised standard developed by the major payment card companies to help organisations that process payment cards to protect against fraud, hacking and various other security vulnerabilities and threats.

Biller direct solution - Tailored and branded to your needs, customers perceive that they are dealing directly with the company that sent them their bill.

Flexible payment methods - Offers a range of convenient payment methods with real-time validation and authorisation of credit card payments:

  • Via the Internet using a Web payment page.
  • Over the phone using an automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or accepting payments via your call centre where staff use a Web payment page.
  • Integration into online applications via the SmartPay system interface.
  • Electronically using payment data files uploaded to your bank via Optus SmartPay.

Customisable - It's simple to use, but rich in features and easy to customise. For instance, you can enable your customers to initiate direct debit payments from their bank account or allow call centre staff to support those having trouble in making a payment.

Reporting - Enquiry and reporting facilities are provided with the ability to view payment histories online. All payment sources are combined into a single, standard reporting format, making settlement and reconciliation easier.

Managed service - SmartPay uses an advanced electronic payment gateway to allow you to accept electronic payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service is dedicated point-to-point with no third party switching provider adding hidden costs. It's a managed service with our Service Desk staffed 24x7 to provide support for service faults.

The product is readily customised, within tight time frames, allowing you to offer your customers a quality solution quickly and easily.


Optus SmartPay gives you:

  • Greater security assurance and data protection - You and your customers have greater peace of mind, knowing you are using a PCI-DSS compliant product, with with banking-grade security and carrier grade reliability.
  • Better cash flow - You can make it easier for your customers to pay you, and collect the payments instantly.
  • Customer service - You can smooth your customer relationships by allowing them to choose a payment option that suits them, at a time that suits them.
  • Control - You can set rules about the way you accept payments, for instance by specifying a minimum amount, or a maximum amount to be accepted for credit card payments.
  • Security and reliability - You and your customers have peace of mind, knowing you are using a service with banking-grade security and carrier-grade reliability.
  • Cost-effectiveness - you don't need to make any in-house IT investment and there are no hidden costs. You will only be charged for completed transactions.

Optus SmartPay is a carrier grade solution, which ensures the highest level of network integrity in terms of reliability and security will be delivered to you so you can provide blue ribbon service to your customers.


Optus SmartPay has rich range of standard features plus optional features to enable the service to be tailored to your specific needs. The facility provides you with a payment page hosted by Optus, branded to your business. Or you can use the system interface provided to integrate the payment facility into your own applications.


Standard Features

  • Real-time validation and authorisation of credit card payments from VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club and Amex
  • The ability for users to schedule Direct Debits when they choose and for amounts they choose to pay
  • Support for Web and call centre interfaces, with no additional establishment fee or reporting, because existing reports provide comprehensive detail on all access mechanisms
  • The ability to offer customers the option of scheduling future payments
  • The ability to view payments histories online via Internet or call centre applications
  • A transaction price that is inclusive of inbound call costs to the Optus SmartPay Voice platform
  • Backup and restore facilities
  • Robust security
  • Business-specified payment acceptance rules eg maximum credit card payment accepted within a given period
  • Enquiry and reporting facilities

Optional Features

  • Customer Support Call Transfer - Call transfer, at a fixed price, to give customer service support to customers experiencing difficulties with the service
  • Customer-initiated Direct Debit - the ability for users to schedule Direct Debits when they choose and for amounts they choose to pay
  • Other enhanced features customised to serve specific business needs

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