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The go anywhere voice and data solution.

When it comes to exploratory operations, communications can be limited. With SatTraveller™ workers can relay survey data into the company network, send emails, make and receive voice calls, and stream live video from almost anywhere around the world (where a clear line of sight to the satellite can be established).

Typical applications are:

  • Mining: OH&S, as well as sending data and reports back to the office
  • Oil and gas: Sending data from a remote site to a lab, in order to gain near real-time responses
  • Media: Live streaming of video over dedicated bandwidth
  • Emergency services: Critical communications for first responders
  • Transport: In vehicle communications and vehicle telemetry
  • Utility: Connectivity for field staff.


Standard Data - web access, file transfer, email

  • Background IP
  • Variable bit rate
  • Up to 492kbps (send and receive)
  • Pay for data sent and received

Streaming Data - ideal for streaming video

  • Guaranteed bit rate
  • 32, 64, 128, 256 and 384+ kbps
  • Pay for duration of connection


  • 4kbps
  • Voicemail
  • Value added services such as call waiting, forwarding and barring

SMS - Send/receive text messages to and from mobile phones.

Note: SatTraveller™ services cannot be used to dial emergency service numbers such as 000 and 112.

A choice of portable fixed of vehicular terminals

SatTraveller™ provides a range of hardware solutions to suit your needs, including portable backpack models and vehicle-mounted options. Each model provides different features depending on data rates and interfaces required.

The portable terminals can easily fit inside a backpack alongside a laptop and require no special technical expertise. Vehicular-mounted terminals are ideal for communications on the go.

Wideye Sabre Hughes 9202 Explorer 700

Wideye Sabre
Voice and data single user device

Hughes 9202
High bandwidth highly portable device

Explorer 700
Multi-user device with extensive functionality

Download our brochure below for technical specifications.


Choose from a range of plans to suit your needs:

  • plans with a low monthly fee
  • high-usage plans
  • fleet plans that allow you to have multiple services sharing the one account

Choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually to manage your data usage over set periods.


  • Establish a broadband or voice connection around the world. SatTraveller™ is delivered via satellites operated by Inmarsat a company with over 32 years' experience in satellite services. The satellites cover much of the earth, except for extreme polar regions and areas blocked by obstructions such as buildings and trees
  • Ability to connect to Optus Evolve IP VPN
  • The highly intuitive user interface is easy to use and is standard across all SatTraveller™ terminals
  • No technical expertise is required and it takes less than five minutes to establish a voice or data connection
  • High network availability makes it suitable for business-critical applications


To establish a connection using your SatTraveller™ service a clear line of sight between the terminal and the satellite must be maintained. Obstructions such as buildings, heavy tree coverage, bridges, overpasses, carports, garages may restrict the signal.

SatTraveller™ services cannot be used to dial emergency service numbers such as 000 and 112. To make calls and send SMS from your SatTraveller™ service you must dial the international country code and area code Eg. +61 for an Australian number or +64 when calling a phone in New Zealand.

Sending and receiving SMS is not guaranteed to or from other networks. 1900 services are not available using SatTraveller™. Premium SMS (PSMS) is not available using SatTraveller™. Satellite service is not guaranteed in any location even while in coverage area. Please refer to the Optus website for a full Service Description at

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