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Businesses rely upon the ability to distribute data between head office and regional and remote sites. And in locations where no infrastructure exists, this can present a challenge. That's why Optus created SatOffice® - a permanent stand-alone solution that brings all the capabilities of an IP network to off-site locations in most areas of Australia and parts of New Zealand.

With Optus SatOffice® workers can access the internet, VPN and other IP-based applications just as they would in an established office environment. A clear line of sight to the satellite is required.


  • Utilises the two-way satellite technology of the Optus SatData Network to provide a range of IP networking speeds to almost any fixed VSAT location in Australia.
  • Allows direct access to your business's data centre either via the internet or Optus Evolve IP VPN (private local loop).
  • Dedicated channel allows for one to one contention of data during transmission.
  • A dedicated pool allows corporate networks to share bandwidth allocation between sites.
  • Built-in data encryption for secure transmission of data.
  • VSAT technology provides a wide range of services including content delivery, data, video and audio, and broadcast/multicasting.

The Optus SatData Network

Optus SatOffice® is part of the Optus SatData portfolio of products operating on the Optus SatData Network providing fixed site locations with VSAT or SCPC indoor and outdoor units.

The Optus SatData network has:

  • Australia's largest fleet of domestic satellites providing connections across Australia and New Zealand
  • Business-grade equipment for earth stations and customer deployment
  • A unique satellite orbital position allowing for a beneficial VSAT antenna 'look up' angle, reducing the chances of interference or obstructed visibility of the satellite


  • Workers can access the company network from remote locations throughout Australia.
  • Transmission of large data files facilitates on-time scheduling of operations bringing remotes sites in line with other branch offices.
  • Maintains open communication channels between remote locations and the office and allows for multi-point transmissions (ideal for applications such as remote learning and classroom training).


  • Supports scalable data rates from 8kbps to 2Mbps via VSAT technology.
  • VSAT terminals provided are equipped with a Block Up Converter (BUC) and 1.2/1.8/2.4/3.2m antenna depending on the data rate required and location of the site - the higher the upload capacity, the larger the VSAT equipment antenna/BUC required.
  • The Optus SatData network can be tailored to suit each remote site's requirements, providing a Committed Information Rate (CIR) and burst capacity of bandwidth for both inbound and outbound paths. (This bandwidth is part of an aggregate pool, and when not being consumed, can be used by other sites on the network).
  • CIR designed to ensure consistent speeds for downloading and uploading data in peak/off-peak periods. Useful for video conferencing, streaming and handling large data transfers
  • TCP acceleration for faster web browsing and file transfers.
  • Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) technology is available for SatOffice® and is capable of providing dedicated connectivity between locations in Australia. With SPC technology rates of up to 20Mbps may be supported with Comtech modems.


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