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Optus SatData International

Connect to your international location with a full-time satellite channel.

Optus SatData International is ideal for organisations, such as Federal Government Agencies, mining companies with strong international links, agencies with international ties, universities expanding into the Asia Pacific market and beyond, and more.

The Optus SatData International service enables point-to-point data carriage between your premises located in Australia and your remote site(s) located outside of Australia within the coverage footprint of international satellite(s) used for the service.


Full time service - The service consists of fixed bandwidth channels (links) assigned for full time usage 24 hours a day. Provision of the service is subject to bandwidth availability.

Data carriage - The data is carried on third party satellites which are accessed by Optus International Teleports. Data carriage between the Optus Teleport and your premises in Australia is via Optus terrestrial data network.

Full redundancy - Optus Teleports offer fully redundant uplink and downlink services to a number of Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean satellites. Satellite modems at the Teleports are also fully redundant.


Reliable international access - Optus SatData offers International access to your offices or branches located within the footprint of satellites accessed through Optus Teleports located in Lockridge, WA and Oxford Falls, NSW. Network Management System (NMS) co-located at Optus' Lockridge, and Oxford Falls Teleports monitors the status of Teleport equipment including satellite modems.

Optus is Australia's leading satellite services provider, with more than 25 years experience in the design and operation of national and International satellite services. With the largest fleet of domestic satellites in the Australasian region, our track record is second to none, especially in rural and remote areas in Australia.

Optus offers ubiquitous data access across Australia, New Zealand and a number of off-shore regions. Our fleet of satellites provide a physically diverse network to any number of sites with superior bandwidth efficiency. Access to third party satellites extends Optus' coverage to Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. You can rely on us to meet your local, remote and global business communications needs.

Optus SatData offers a satellite service for connectivity across Australia.


Optus SatData International will support data links up to 2 Mbps duplex (symmetrical or asymmetrical) in 64 kbps increments.

Key components of the SatData International Service are:

  • Remote site equipment - a satellite modem, C-Band TX/RX antenna components and a C-Band RF Transceiver or BUC installed at your remote locations.
  • Satellite - the satellite carries traffic between remote terminals and the Optus SatData International Teleport in Australia.
  • SatData International Teleport - the Teleports provides uplink and downlink services into International Satellites and interface into Optus terrestrial network.


The network termination points for the service are the point of interconnect to the terrestrial data service at the Teleport and the air interface to your remote site equipment.

The remote site equipment connects to your local area network/PC/PABX and receives signals via the satellite. The equipment is supplied and installed by you unless otherwise agreed with Optus. To be able to receive the service you must:

  • Ensure that the remote site equipment serving as the point of access to the network termination point is operational and available by the proposed commencement date.
  • Ensure that your equipment complies with the satellite operator specifications.
  • Obtain all regulatory approvals and permits to transmit and receive satellite signals in the country of operation.

Support FAQs

In a one-stop-shop application Optus Satellite Services will issue you a single monthly bill for the end-to-end service.

In the event of a service fault, the one-stop-shop facility allows for single-point-of-contact fault reporting. This means that you need only notify Optus of the fault and Optus will manage the fault rectification to conclusion.


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