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Satellite Transponder Services

Connecting your earth stations via satellite.

Optus Transponder Service provides satellite transponder capacity for transmission of voice, data, television and radio signals in Australia and within the footprint of Optus satellites

It connects with privately owned earth stations and provides reception of the signals transmitted from earth to the satellite, signal amplifications and frequency translation and retransmission from the satellite to earth stations located within the satellite footprint.

This service is available on a full-time basis only. If you require part-time operation please refer to the Optus VideoConnect Part-time service.


Coverage - You have the option of Optus C1 or Optus D-Series satellites. Coverage generally extends to the Australian continent, New Zealand, or both countries simultaneously. Coverage over South East Asia is also possible from the C1 Satellite.

Bandwidth - You have a choice of whole or partial transponders subject to availability.

Earth stations - To access a transponder service, it is necessary for you to use privately-owned earth stations.


Flexibility - A choice of satellites and bandwidths to suit your needs

Reliability - We manage the allocation of all services on the Optus satellites to bring you a better-performing service. We also have world-class operations staff managing the satellites at all times.


Optus manages the allocation of all services on all Optus satellites to ensure all services operate satisfactorily.

To do so, it's necessary for Optus to allocate or confirm operating frequencies and power-ends of customer services.


For Whole Transponders:

On C1 you have a choice of 36MHz or 72MHz transponder bandwidth
On D1 54MHz bandwidth
On D2 36MHz bandwidth

You will be allocated the full power of the Transponder (subject to the possible back-off of power to support your particular carrier configuration)

For Partial Transponders:

You have a wide range of bandwidth choices from sub 1MHz up to near full bandwidth. The allocated power will usually be in the same proportion to the bandwidth used on the transponder, but other special allocation may be agreed.

Support FAQs

In the event of a service fault, the one-stop-shop facility allows for single-point-of-contact fault reporting. This means that you need only notify Optus of the fault and Optus will manage the fault rectification to conclusion.

In a one-stop-shop application Optus Satellite Services will issue you a single monthly bill for the end-to-end service.

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