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Satellite Professional Services

Pre-launch, launch and post-launch of your satellite, we can assist.

Looking for satellite expertise?

Optus Satellite Professional Services helps deliver integrated satellite solutions to your organisation, offering a range of consulting and outsourcing services, on a fee-for-service basis.

Organisations suited to these services include satellite manufacturers and satellite owners including global satellite fleet owners, domestic satellite owners and government and military owners of satellites.


Pre-launch services - provides satellite owners with high quality consulting services, construction oversight services, engineering services and training, testing and project/programme management services on their own satellite procurement programs.

Launch services - provides satellite manufacturers and owner/operators with a high quality Transfer Orbit Support Service (TOSS), Launch and Early Operations Phase (LEOP) service and In-Orbit Testing (IOT) service, through the use of experienced staff at the Optus Satellite Control Centre in Sydney and its associated full motion antenna facilities.

Post-launch services - provides satellite owner/operators with a high quality On-orbit operations service and TT&C (Telemetry, tracking and control) "bent pipe" services.

Consulting expertise - Our pre-launch service provides on-demand consulting expertise across the following range of consulting disciplines to help you prepare for a successful launch.

Consulting services - strategic, technical and regulatory consulting.

Construction oversight - procurement.

Engineering services projects - Earth station and TT&C design and construction.

Training and testing services - testing services, curriculum development and delivery.

Project management - project management and transition management.

Launch and testing assistance - Our launch services provide Eastern hemisphere visibility for support of satellite transfer orbit missions to geo-synchronous orbit and operations and testing during the early phases of satellite operations.

Ongoing support - Our post-launch services provide a cost effective solution to satellite operations and to TT&C facilities and services.


The Optus Satellite Professional Services are provided using highly experienced satellite professionals that have many years of experience in the following areas:


  • Regulatory matters
  • Bus design
  • Payload design
  • Tender preparation and evaluation
  • Strategic sourcing
  • In Plant monitoring
  • Ground Systems Testing
  • In-Orbit Testing
  • Procedure development
  • Real Time systems development
  • Development of training materials and delivery of courses
  • Selection of launch vehicle providers
  • TT&C design
  • Construction of Satellite Ground Stations
  • Project and Programme Management

Launch and Post-Launch

  • Spacecraft Engineering
  • Orbital Dynamics
  • Satellite Control
  • TT&C systems
  • Ground Equipment Support

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