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Optus VideoConnect

Distribute digital television by satellite throughout Australia.

You can use the service that major broadcasters use to distribute digital television throughout Australia.

Optus VideoConnect Full Time is a satellite service to distribute a digital television signal across Australia. It can be used for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint distribution.


Tailored end-to-end - Optus VideoConnect Full Time is tailored end-to-end, from the playout centre (in reasonable proximity to Optus network infrastructure) to the output of the satellite, or in the case of a Managed Distribution Serice (MDS) to the downlink site, so its transmission is seamless.

Flexible - You can choose the characteristics of the service over a wide range, including transmission rate and service period.

Coverage - Up to 100% coverage throughout Australia. The tailored nature of the Optus National Beam means that fortuitous reception outside Australia is minimised. This helps our customers to avoid contents rights issues.

An integrated service - The main elements of the service are the fibre SDH tail, the satellite uplink and satellite transponder. These are established as a single integrated service. You are billed for one service, not the separate identified elements.

Specialist support - You can benefit from the experience and professionalism of Optus staff. Optus' trained video specialists monitor and support VideoConnect services 24 hours a day.

Service options - You have the flexibility to choose from a range of options including the satellite only, managed uplink or Managed Distribution Service (under certain conditions). A part time satellite only service (VideoConnect Part Time) is also available for Satellite News Gathering (SNG) operators.


Trusted performance - A number of major broadcasters use Optus VideoConnect Full Time to distribute digital Television throughout Australia. Satellite News Gathering (SNG) operators also rely on Optus VideoConnect Part Time service to supply content to Australian broadcasters.


Optus offer full-time and part-time options for the Optus VideoConnect service.


Optus VideoConnect Full Time
The Full Time service provides links from your studio to the Optus satellite uplinking site; the uplink to the satellite; necessary space segment and monitoring.

Downlinks from the Optus satellite can also be provided by Optus under certain conditions. By this means Optus may be able to take end-to-end responsibility for the delivery of the content as a Managed Distribution Service.

Typical transmission rates of the service are 19.35 Mbit/s; 21.77 Mbits/s or 23.05 Mbit/s. Other rates are available depending on your requirements. The service provides a fully transparent pipe from the customer to the satellite output, or in the case of a Managed Distribution Service, to the downlink site, which means no issues with delivery to single frequency networks.

The service is offered on a full time basis, subject to available capacity.

  • DVB-S compliant.
  • DVB Compliant ASI Interfaces standard throughout Service. Split one-way terrestrial SDH tails for redundancy and geographic diversity.
  • Specialist 24 x 7 technical support is provided by our experienced staff at the Broadcast Operations Centre in Sydney. Visual monitoring is used as a rapid health check of the service.
  • Terrestrial Tail Path Selection using ETR 290 service verification available as an option.

Optus VideoConnect Part Time
The Part Time service provides space segment only. This is in the form of 9MHz slots.

Access to and from the Optus satellite is customer-provided.

The service is offered on a part time basis, subject to available capacity, with a minimum booking period of 10 minutes.

Support FAQs

Technical Issues

For fault reporting and service assistance please call the Optus Broadcast Operations Centre on 02 9486 3477. This team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Billing, General Account Changes and Enquiries

Please call your assigned service desk number, otherwise call 134 315 Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm AEST. Email

To see other contact details for Optus click here.

The period of the agreement for the VideoConnect Full Time services is available to suit you. Any period from 3 to 15 years subject to availability of capacity. The longer the period, the lower the service charge.

The minimum booking period for the Part-Time service is 10 minutes.

Satellite Broadcast contracts are customised according to each customer's service requirements. Contact your Optus Account Manager for further information.

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