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Optus Aurora

Simultaneous live satellite broadcast of video and audio.

Do you want to broadcast to diverse or remote locations across Australia?

Optus Aurora offers a suite of advanced digital satellite services enabling simultaneous live broadcast of video and audio to almost anywhere in Australia via the Optus C1 hotbird satellite and the Optus D2 satellite.

Optus Aurora services can be received via a small satellite dish, digital set top box and Optus Aurora smartcard connected to a television and/or audio system.


Wide choice - You can use any of the following Optus Aurora services alone or in any combination:

  • Optus MultiCast - Video (TV) broadcast service suited to a wide range of private or public programs.
  • Optus RemoteCast - Designed to broadcast signals into homes and retransmission sites in remote and regional areas of Australia.
  • Optus AudioCast - A complete nationwide audio broadcast service.

Easy installation - Optus Aurora reception equipment is inexpensive and easy to install. All you need is a small satellite dish, set top box and Optus Aurora smartcard.

Network flexibility - Optus Aurora services can be integrated with other Optus national and international satellite services, as well as our range of high-performance terrestrial data services, giving you network design flexibility.

Expert support - You'll receive specialist 24 x 7 technical support from our experienced staff at the Broadcast Operations Centre in Sydney.


Complete coverage - Optus Aurora's nationwide reach lets you access thousands of satellite receivers in remote locations as well as capital cities with a single transmission.

Wider access - You'll also join the rapidly expanding Optus C1 hotbird community, along with leading content and service providers.

Cost-effective and secure communications - Small satellite dishes make installation easier and more affordable. And, because services are digitally compressed and encrypted, broadcast costs are lower and the communications secure.


Optus Aurora platform

Optus Aurora platform

Product FAQs

Optus recommends a minimum dish size of 90cm. Larger dishes may be required in some regions, so please consult with your local satellite equipment dealer before proceeding.

Satellite dish with LNB (Low Noise Block Downconverter).

Digital satellite set top box.

Optus Aurora smartcard.

Optus does not recommend any particular Set Top Box (STB) for use with Aurora, however we advise end users that current Aurora-ready STB's are available from UEC through Nationwide. Please contact UEC/Nationwide for more information regarding your particular STB requirement.

Optus Aurora Smartcards can usually be purchased from any dealer or retailer of satellite equipment. The same dealer should also be able to sell you an Aurora-ready STB & satellite dish. Once authorised, there is no ongoing subscription for viewing free-to-air Aurora services.

Please note Optus does not sell smartcards or satellite equipment to the retail market.

Support FAQs

Encryption technology is continually advancing and your smartcard is not expected to remain compatible with Aurora encryption beyond a nominal lifespan of 3 years.

Optus Aurora smartcards come with a 12 month warranty. If the smartcard becomes faulty within the warranty period, it should be returned to the installer or vendor you purchased it from. From there it will be returned to Optus & replaced if within the warranty period, providing the smartcard has not failed due to unauthorised use.

Call Optus on 1300 301 681 and we'll switch on the channels you're entitled to receive. This can also be done by emailing or by faxing 1300 555 221. Please note you'll be required to provide us with your smartcard number, STB model, name, address and phone number.

Our help-desk operates from 9am to 5pm EST, Monday to Friday. We aim to activate new smartcards within 24hrs of application, however we'll endeavour to do so on the same day depending on workload.

Note: the help-desk is closed on all National & NSW public-holidays.

From time to time Optus finds it necessary to conduct maintenance on the satellite network. During such a maintenance period, any smartcard not in its decoder may not receive satellite updates, resulting in a possible loss of service. For this reason, we recommend leaving the decoder in standby power mode, with the card left in the decoder, whenever the decoder is not in use.

The installer or vendor of your equipment should be contacted to provide an initial assessment of any problem encountered. If you need to obtain elevation & azimuth information in order to repoint your dish, the following website may assist:

Note: Aurora free-to-air services are currently carried on the Optus C1 satellite, which is located at the 156 degrees East orbital slot.

To have your Optus Aurora smartcard authorised please call Optus on 1300 301 681 or email us at

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