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Application and Network Performance Management

Get real answers.

Get the visibility and insights you need to help keep critical business applications performing well.

Legacy tools provide only fragmented views, and IT operations can be overloaded with raw data but lack actionable intelligence. Optus Application and Network Performance Management (ANPM) helps you get the view you need to understand and communicate what is really going on.


  • Visibility across the application delivery chain including underlying IT infrastructure and the network.
  • Application dependency mapping to understand potential impacts and help ensure critical components are being monitored.
  • Advanced analytics to help detect, isolate and pinpoint performance problems.
  • Automated analysis to help address problems before business is impacted.
  • Easy-to-digest performance snapshots, intuitive dashboards and reporting for a view of how critical applications are performing and common understanding of application performance by business and IT stakeholders.
  • Managed Services: The Application & Network Performance Management (ANPM) product is available as a flexible managed service offering that includes:
    • Service delivery
    • Security management
    • Network availability management
    • Service incident management
    • Applications performance review
    • Change management
    • Network dimensioning planning
    • Configuration management
    • Online dash-board reporting
    • Dedicated applications performance management and telecommunications/ ICT network specialists


Application and Network Performance Management Factsheet


  • Find and fix recurring and persistent performance problems - Help keep critical applications running at peak performance.
  • Troubleshoot application failures - FASTER! Solve network and application performance issues faster and have insights to help resolve performance issues before users complain.
  • Report application performance more effectively - Helps improve IT efficiency and better align application performance requirements with business priorities.
  • Proactively protect application performance when the environment changes - ability to plan future data centres with strategic network design.
  • Improve infrastructure and network performance management - Help reduce capital and operating costs with accurate network information, maximise existing resources and simplify the complexities of managing modern, global networks.

You can look to Optus Application and Network Performance Management to help eliminate finger pointing, get insights rather than more data and align performance management with the needs of actual users.

If you are unsure where your performance problems lie and want to understand the value of Optus' Application and Network Performance Management to your organisation’s operations, you can start with an Application & Network Assessment.


Today's complex application infrastructure requires a performance management solution that looks across all critical parts of the application delivery chain. It needs a holistic view that includes:

  • end user experience monitoring,
  • application transaction tracing and component monitoring, and
  • underlying infrastructure and network performance management.


Optus Application and Network Performance Management includes:

  • Application-aware network performance management that enables end-to-end visibility into the performance of critical business applications
  • End-to-end monitoring with deep packet capture and analysis for proactive alerting and accelerated troubleshooting
  • End-to-end visibility into application delivery over the network - from the remote LAN, across optimised and non-optimised WANs, and deep into the data centre, across physical, virtual and load balanced environments
  • All powered by our Performance Management partner, Riverbed

Application and Network Performance Management

Get the answers you need to understand application and network performance.


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