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Application Network Assessment

Find out how your business applications and network are performing.

Ensuring your network and systems infrastructure can continue to support the business requires a deep understanding and careful analysis of application behaviour and user experience.

Optus' Application Network Assessment service examines the behaviour of applications over your existing network infrastructure.

Armed with knowledge, you'll be able to make informed choices for adapting your ICT environment to address business growth and changes - whether they be implementing cloud strategies, virtualisation consolidation or other initiatives.

To make things even easier for you, we are offering a standard Application Network Assessment service.


An Application Network Assessment starts with a consultation to uncover your current and planned business imperatives, strategic ICT plans and any specific issues you have been experiencing. Non-intrusive devices are then placed on your network to gather hard information including:

  • Traffic usage and response times
  • Traffic distribution by application
  • Application and network performance analysis
  • Application server audit
  • Application baselining and dependency mapping
  • Internet and security traffic profiles


Application Network Assessment


An Application Network Assessment can help you identify:

  • High-usage applications which have outgrown your network architecture
  • Causes for the sluggish performance of business critical applications
  • Current usage of unknown or potentially-redundant applications
  • Internet performance and security issues.
  • Process and bandwidth intensive applications not suited to a WAN environment unless optimised and accelerated
  • Contact centre application performance issues that are directly impacting customer experience
  • Network and application configuration errors and insights on performance tuning.


A standard Application Network Assessment takes around four weeks to complete and has three main activities.

Planning and consultation (~1 week) - a consultation to uncover your current and planned business imperatives, strategic ICT plans and any specific issues you have been experiencing.

Implementation and data collection (~2 weeks) - A non-intrusive Application Network Assessment device is deployed at your nominated single site and removed at the end of the approximately 2-week assessment period. The device is a Riverbed SteelCentral NetExpress 460 3-in-1 appliance which includes:

  • SteelCentral NetProfiler - centralising reporting and behavioural analytics, sized based on flows per minute capacity
  • SteelCentral NetGateway - collects flow data from supported flow types
  • SteelCentral NetShark - packet capture and indexing with retrospective analysis

Assessment reporting (~1 week) - Our expert network application consultants generate and analyse reports from the collected data and provide recommendations to you.

The standard Application Network Assessment is for one customer site/data centre only and pre-qualification is required. If you have a multi-site requirement or your environment is not suited to the standard offering we can undertake further scoping to provide a bespoke quotation.

Application Network Assessment

Understand your networked applications.


Application and Network Performance Management

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