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This paper will give an overview of the solutions available to get you ready for the Network of the Future

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Give your business an advantage by building a better network. Optus internet connection solutions can help you and your staff to work fast, securely and with clear connectivity, from more of your sites.


Optus Evolve Internet

Dedicated broadband connectivity for your sites

Achieve outstanding productivity with a dedicated network connection for your business. Purpose-built for Corporate, Enterprise and Government organisations, the advanced Optus Evolve network provides secure, cost effective connectivity.


  • Customise the speed and data volume of your secure broadband connection, within a tiered pricing plan.
  • Choose from a range of ancillary services, such as IP address allocation and Domain name registration.
  • Simplified billing and an online reporting platform allow for straightforward cost management.

Speak to an Optus Evolve expert, call us on 1800 555 937 or learn more.

Optus Uecomm Internet

Business quality connectivity with simple implementation.

Ideal for medium sized Enterprises, Uecomm is a flexible, fast and reliable internet connection over a dedicated international network and static IP address. Uecomm offers a choice of internet support services such as domain name hosting, mail relay and gateway protocol; to connect you with clients around the world.


  • Select usage based or flat rate payment options.
  • Only pay for the level of service you need, with a wide range of bandwidth and port speeds to suit various business requirements, plus detailed reporting.
  • Your single point of contact - the Optus Uecomm Network Operations Centre - is accessible 24/7 to quickly help resolve network or connectivity issues.

Speak to an Optus Uecomm expert, call us on 1800 832 666 or learn more.

Application Acceleration

Application Acceleration makes remote internet access fast enough to power even your heaviest applications. Now your mobile staff and branch offices can work remotely with similar speed, responsiveness and software capabilities as they do in-house.


NBN For Your Business

Experience fast NBN bandwidth. Your business can begin today with Optus Evolve IP VPN in connected locations and add as more NBN business capability is deployed.

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Optus Wireless IP VPN

Multiply your possible locations by enabling secure mobile access to your corporate network. Optus Wireless IP VPN can also connect machine assets to support solutions, such as security monitoring, tracking and EFTPOS transactions.


Satellite Networking

Optus is Australia's leading satellite services provider. We offer a broad range of satellite solutions whether you operate on land, sea or in remote areas. Find out about our voice, data and audio services.


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Enable greater workforce mobility with Optus Business mobile and device solutions.

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Help improve internal and customer communications with Optus voice and collaboration services.


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