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This paper will give an overview of the solutions available to get you ready for the Network of the Future

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Give your business an advantage by building a better network. Optus internet connection solutions can help you and your staff to work fast, securely and with clear connectivity, from more of your sites.


Optus Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Connect Whenever, Wherever

Unwire and look forward to exciting new ways to provide a connected, engaged and trusted service while helping to improve user satisfaction and reduce your costs.

To deliver a Wi-Fi network tailored to the needs of your business and users, Optus Business provides managed Wi-Fi solutions for Wireless Office. We're also working toward providing managed Wi-Fi solutions in the following areas:

  • Retail and Shopping Centres
  • Public Wi-Fi/Events/Stadiums
  • Education
  • Health

Benefit from the simplicity and effectiveness of a single end-to-end managed solution including connectivity, security, apps, tools and insights.


Optus Wireless Office

A wireless office network built and managed for you

Have the functionality of your fixed network without the constraints of physical connection.

  • Your staff can be engaged and more productive when unshacked from their desks.
  • Build a guest network for your customers and visitors to use.
  • Ability to prioritise to ensure adequate response for corporate apps and support business grade voice and video over Wi-Fi.
  • Securely connect users using different types of devices, including bring-your-own device (BYOD), without imposing an additional load on IT resources.

Let all your team and their guests enjoy the freedom of wireless in your office today.


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