Optus Fusion SD-WAN

Simplify and streamline your network

Ready to modernise your network architecture? Design first, deploy when ready, and change with ease.

Optus Fusion SD-WAN provides a fully integrated line of secure WAN gateways that can be managed centrally through an intuitive GUI management portal. It helps to dramatically simplify and streamline the process of designing, deploying, and managing distributed networks.

Optus Fusion SD-WAN is a great solution if you are:

  • Deploying more video and other bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Adopting more Internet-based applications and services (SaaS, IaaS)
  • Needing direct access to SaaS/Cloud based apps at remote branches
  • Deploying hybrid WAN topologies at remote locations
  • Wishing to better utilise backup/redundant WAN circuits
  • Planning to refresh your traditional branch routers
  • Considering a do-it-yourself VPN option at Internet connected sites
  • Wanting to maintain limited or no IT personnel on-site in remote locations
  • Planning to move from MPLS to Internet only connected sites
  • Connecting to multiple instances/VPCs/VNet in the cloud

Optus Fusion SD-WAN Hybrid network design



  • Self-service management portal that simplifies and streamlines the process of designing, deploying, and managing distributed networks.
  • Vastly improved visibility of network and application performance.
  • Real-time network control enabling you to easily adapt your network to manage changing workloads and environments
  • Unifies disparate networks by managing bandwidth and applications between any combination of MPLS, private line, Internet and cloud networks
  • Works within existing contract obligations – You can maintain your existing network and overlay the Optus Fusion SD-WAN solution
  • Enables consistent security policy by providing end-to-end encryption and device authentication to all locations
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure integration – Ability to connect cloud-hosted networks to your in-house networks and manage them all through a single interface



Optus Fusion SD-WAN Factsheet



  • Agility – Deliver the power of SD-WAN to your business. Optus Fusion SD-WAN has
  • a centralised management portal that provides one global policy and enables automated provisioning of devices, cloud connectivity, and fast adaptation to any change you want.
  • Simplicity – Simplify the design of hybrid networks with intuitive workflows and menu driven design. Easily design organisations, sites, uplinks, zones, rules and shadow appliances — for example, use a single on/off button for AutoVPN, create a self registration portal with zone based visitor access, and edit policy rules with a simple mouse click.
  • Visibility – See into every aspect of your network design (orgs, users apps, WiFi, appliances and devices), its actual performance versus business intent—within an easy-to-use, menu-driven management portal.

Optus Fusion SD-WAN

Unify and manage your disparate networks.


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