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If your organisation is geographically spread, a powerful Wide Area Network (WAN) is essential to ensuring your information is delivered, quickly and securely.


Optus Fusion SD-WAN

Simplify and streamline your network

SD-WAN – short for Software-Defined Wide Area Network – simplifies the management and operations of a WAN by separating the networking hardware from its control mechanism.

Optus Fusion SD-WAN is a next-generation SD-WAN solution designed to intelligently manage your network in a cloud-centric world.


  • Agility – a centralised management portal that provides one global policy and enables automated provisioning of devices, cloud connectivity, and fast adaptation to change.
  • Simplicity – Simplify the design of hybrid networks with intuitive workflows and menu driven design.
  • Visibility – See into every aspect of your network design within an easy-to-use, menu-driven management portal.

Speak to an Optus SD-WAN expert, call us on 1300 106 481 or learn more.

Optus Evolve IP VPN

An advanced Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows your corporate sites to connect securely

Simplify your existing network by switching to Optus Evolve. Rather than having multiple point-to-point solutions, connect all your sites together using Optus Evolve IP VPN. It creates a virtual private network for your organisation, using secure, scalable, private IP connectivity.


  • Evolve IP VPN is suited to easy convergence of voice, data and video, and enables you to add or change services as required.
  • Add new locations without having to restructure existing network architectures. Consistent Ethernet delivery for all accesses ensures that businesses can maintain a single design for all sites.
  • Direct connection to Amazon Web Services is available

Speak to an Optus Evolve expert, call us on 1300 106 481 or learn more.

Optus Evolve Ethernet WAN

Securely connect sites with flexibility to manage your own data network.

Take advantage of the powerful Optus Evolve network to converge data, voice and application networks. Optus Evolve Ethernet WAN gives you the freedom to manage your data network across multiple locations using your choice of protocol.


  • Optus Evolve Ethernet WAN doesn't depend on IP, so applications, services and protocols other than IP can be run across the network.
  • Read information and statistics on your access VLAN via our eCare web portal.
  • Direct connection to Amazon Web Services is available

Speak to an Optus Evolve expert, call us on 1300 555 937 or learn more.

Optus Uecomm Ethernet VPN

A simple, reliable, scalable network for mid-sized businesses.

The agile Uecomm Ethernet service platform is purpose-built for business and makes it easier for your company to respond quickly to business changes. Ideal for linking business sites, it allows for the easy convergence and sharing of information with your stakeholders and customers.


  • The use of simple, well understood protocols reduces your training and ongoing management costs.
  • The network can grow as you do. Upgrade your sites with minimal impact. Enjoy many-to-many connectivity, with 24/7 monitoring and enhanced reporting options.

Speak to an Optus Uecomm expert, call us on 1800 832 666 or learn more.

My Business Bundles

Simplify your business communications

Connect all your sites with a unified, IP-based telecommunications network that includes voice, data and internet services tailored to each of your sites.


NBN For Your Business

Experience fast NBN bandwidth. Your business can begin today with Optus Evolve IP VPN in connected locations and add as more NBN business capability is deployed.

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Optus Wireless IP VPN

Multiply your possible locations by enabling secure mobile access to your corporate network. Optus Wireless IP VPN can also connect machine assets to support solutions, such as security monitoring, tracking and EFTPOS transactions.


Satellite Networking

Optus is Australia's leading satellite services provider. We offer a broad range of satellite solutions whether you operate on land, sea or in remote areas. Find out about our voice, data and audio services.


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