Unlock the Potential of NBN


The NBN is a network purpose-built for the 21st century. We believe that NBN is a strong technology enabler of change – that faster, more reliable, more ubiquitous networks are a key enabler of knowledge sharing, better customer interaction, collaboration, as well as overall efficiency.

Our view is – now is the best time to start developing your strategy. The momentum is building with the release of business grade NBN services and ramp-up of the rollout into business location. Not to mention the consumers already benefiting from the speeds NBN is able to deliver.

We will be with you every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition to NBN.

NBN Overview Brochure

Find out more on how you can unlock the potential of NBN.

Key to Connecting

Learn how Optus will navigate you through a seamless transition to NBN.

Fire Alarm and Lift Phone Register

Don’t forget about your lift phone services in your transition to NBN. Find out more.

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