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Optus Uecomm WDM

High speed, low latency, dedicated connectivity for data replication.

Delivered over secure and reliable infrastructure, Uecomm point-to-point Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) network solutions are an attractive option for Storage Area Networks (SANs) and for delivering mission-critical traffic between major customer sites.

Providing the significant bandwidth required to enable data replication to a back-up data centre, the Uecomm WDM service can help to minimise data loss in the event of a failover.

Typical applications for WDM include:

  • Storage-area networking
  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Server mirroring
  • Mainframe monitoring
  • very high bandwidth (multi-Gbps) inter-site communication

We work with systems integrators and vendors of WDM equipment to provide fully-managed services between data centres across metropolitan areas

All WDM Network Elements are integrated into the Uecomm remote management and alarm management systems for remote monitoring and correction of any service issues.

The Optus Uecomm fibre network is one of the most extensive CBD and greater metropolitan fibre-optic networks in Australia, covering the CBDs of most capital cities and extending through metropolitan areas in these cities and to the Gold Coast. Coverage is extended further via agreements with trusted 3rd party network providers


  • Supports wide range of industry standard customer protocols including non-ethernet protocols
  • Available in high bandwidths - up to 80G
  • Topology: Point to point, ring or hub-and-spoke
  • Unprotected or protected options for redundancy and/or diversity


  • Reliable - Combine the inherent reliability of the Uecomm network with your choice of service level to manage and protect mission-critical data / applications.
  • Secure - Satisfy regulatory requirements for secure handing and storage of sensitive data with discrete and dedicated fibre connections providing secure point to point communications.
  • Scalable - Once installed, scale easily from 1Gbps to 80Gbps.
  • Flexible - Supports multiple customer protocols to transfer large volumes of data between physically separated storage elements.

Support FAQs

For assistance please call the numbers below

Uecomm service enquiries and incident handling: 1800 707 447

Uecomm billing enquiries: 1800 707 117

Uecomm general and sales enquiries: 1800 832 666

Uecomm NOC

Optus Uecomm Network Operations Centre serving you 24 x 7.


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