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SingTel Optus ConnectPlus ILC

A high-speed secure dedicated line to your overseas office.

Looking for reliable, high performance global connectivity?

SingTel Optus ConnectPlus ILC is a point-to-point international leased line service for transporting data communications traffic. It's ideally suited for organisations requiring a dedicated and secure digital transmission service to carry mission-critical and highly interactive traffic.

Whether you're transmitting data, voice or multimedia applications, we have the global network reach, the operational support and expertise to deliver the right solution for you.


  • Fast restoration through auto re-routing capabilities
  • Short failover time within 50msec
  • High bandwidth capacity of up to 10Gbps


Extensive coverage - As part of the SingTel Group of companies we offer connectivity between more than 80 countries worldwide. Whether your office is in Hong Kong, USA, Japan or Egypt, we are able to connect you.

One stop shop - To make working internationally easier, we can act as your single point of contact for circuit ordering, provisioning and billing.

Fully managed - Our technical specialists proactively monitor your leased line from a global network management centre round-the-clock so problems can be immediately detected and rectified. These specialists are supported by our in-country technicians delivering local knowledge, maintenance and support.

Reliable network performance - With the SingTel group's substantial investments in network infrastructure, you are assured of excellent network diversity and restoration options.


SingTel Optus ConnectPlus ILC Datasheet


Secure connectivity you can depend on - Created with security in mind, SingTel Optus ConnectPlus ILC is highly resilient and delivers outstanding performance.

Reduced network congestion - Bandwidth is dedicated. This is especially critical for businesses operating with bandwidth-intensive applications.

Supports your business growth - SingTel Optus ConnectPlus ILC services are fully scalable and available across a range of data transmission rates suited to a wide range of applications so your business can readily expand or deploy new communications requirements.

Peace of mind from a fully managed solution - All SingTel Optus ConnectPlus ILCs are fully managed and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while we manage your network.


As a member of the SingTel group of companies, Optus is part of a strong, strategic telecommunications group within the Asia Pacific region - a perfect partner for your business to take advantage when expanding overseas.

To serve the needs of multi-national corporations, SingTel has a network of offices in countries and territories throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. These offices enable SingTel to deliver reliable and quality network solutions to its customers, either on its own or jointly with local partners. See SingTel's global coverage.

SingTel ConnectPlus ILC offers point-to-point connectivity. For many-to-many connectivity look at SingTel Optus ConnectPlus IP VPN.


SingTel Optus ConnectPlus ILC is the service of choice for organisations that require a quality international transmission service provided by a stable and experience communications partner.

Stringent network design, incorporating diverse routings, node planning and selective partnerships, ensure low propagation delay and high network resiliency.

Contact your Optus Account Manager to design a solution suited to your business needs.


Connectivity is offered in a wide range of transmission speeds including:

  • 2Mbps
  • 45Mbps / DS3
  • 155Mbps / STM-1
  • 622Mbps / STM-4
  • 1.5G/ STM-16
  • 10G / STM-64

which allows you to match your application requirement to the specific circuit bandwidth^.

Customers may choose from 3 different levels of protection on the ASON network.

^Actual throughput may be less than the value indicated due to network overhead.

Support FAQs

Online reporting of network usage is available as part of the reporting tool eNetManager.

Access eNetManager. You must be registered user to gain access to this service.

ConnectPlus ILC

Connect your global offices with a dedicated network for maximum service availability and high data security.


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