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SingTel Optus LightLink Plus

Access high-speed, dedicated connections between Australia and New Zealand.

LightLink Plus is an Ethernet based, point-to-point, fully managed and secure service connecting Australia with NZ.

Unlike traditional point to point services LightLink Plus Ethernet over SDH technology allows customers to scale the network from 2 Mbps to 1000Mbps in incremental bandwidths without a need to modify or update equipment. This helps customers save costs since they can purchase only the bandwidth required for their needs.


  • Single converged network - that supports diverse services such as VOIP, video and rich media to deliver economies of scale
  • Granular bandwidth increments - Lightlink plus offers scalable bandwidth in 2Mbps intervals from 2Mbps to 50Mbps, 10Mbps intervals from 100Mbps to 300Mbps, and 50Mbps intervals from 300Mbps to 1000Mbps.
  • One-stop-shop servicing - To make working internationally easier, we can act as your single point of contact for circuit ordering, provisioning and billing.
  • Fully managed - Our technical specialists proactively monitor your SingTel Optus ConnectPlus E-Line from a global network management centre round-the-clock so problems can be quickly detected and steps taken to rectify them. These specialists are supported by our in-country technicians delivering local knowledge, maintenance and support.
  • Multiple access options - Enhanced coverage options with VPN available across all access types.


SingTel Optus LightLink Plus Datasheet


  • Scalable bandwidth options - allowing you to scale your data requirements with ease and without disruption to cater for your evolving business needs.
  • Familiar and simple interface - presents familiar Ethernet interface at the customer site for simpler network management.
  • Dependable service and support - with network monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help ensure network continuity for optimal service availability.
  • Enhanced levels of redundancy - available via our highly reliable and secure network delivered across our nationwide SDH backbone network
  • Complete control over IP routing - is provided with LightLink Plus as a layer 2 service

If you are looking for point to point Ethernet services to sites outside of New Zealand you may be interested to learn more about SingTel Optus ConnectPlus E-Line.


The Optus LightLink Plus service provides customers an end to end Ethernet over SDH service between Australia and New Zealand.

Unlike traditional point to point services, LightLink Plus allows customers to scale the network in incremental bandwidths from 2Mbps to 1000Mbps without a need to modify or update their equipment.

Optus has built a network to network interface in New Zealand which enables Optus to provide EoSDH access tails there via our partner providers. Optus works in collaboration with these partners to provide service activation and service assurance that supports our customer's end-to-end requirements.

The in-country segment in Australia is based on Optus E-Link services, which are also built on EoSDH technology.


Customer interface

10/100BaseT, GbE, 1000Base LX/ZX

International Cable

Southern Cross Cable Network (SX)


Between any two SX cable stations including all cities in New Zealand, Fiji etc

Submarine Cable Protection

Southern Cross Cable Protected/Unprotected options available


EoSDH technology in-country Australia with granular bandwidth control


International Ethernet leased line service; Transparent Ethernet transport


Point to Point configuration only


2 Mbps to 1 Gbps in incremental speeds

Max Transmission Unit (MTU) Size

Subject to restrictions of the remote carrier network, the maximum transmission unit size of Ethernet frames is 2,000 octets. MTU size beyond 2,000 octets is not supported.

SingTel Optus LightLink Plus

Connect to New Zealand with a secure connection that can grow with your business.


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