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Optus RemoteCast

Satellite Television Broadcast to homes and retransmission sites in remote and regional areas.

Optus RemoteCast is a full time point to multipoint satellite broadcast service designed to deliver free to air public and commercial broadcast services to remote areas of Australia. Transmission is encrypted and includes video, teletext and related radio services.


Reliable digital service - Optus RemoteCast is fully digital and comprises combinations of satellite and optical fibre technologies, together with conditional access management. It provides highly reliable delivery for a high quality signal from a single site to locations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Available in multiples - You can use multiples of the Optus RemoteCast service to meet your individual needs. For example to overcome the inconvenience of time zone variations across the country or for different coverage requirements.

Versitile - Optus RemoteCast can be used by any studio in reasonable proximity to the Optus network infrastructure. It uses the full range of Optus' national satellite systems, including the Optus Aurora suite of advanced digital satellite services.

Expert support - You'll receive specialist 24 x 7 technical support from our experienced staff at the Broadcast Operations Centre in Sydney.


Broadcast with ease - Optus RemoteCast is a highly reliable, flexible service which allows broadcasters to simultaneously broadcast video, audio and data from their own studios and be picked up by an unlimited number of sites throughout Australia and New Zealand.


  • DVB-S compliant.
  • DVB Compliant ASI Interfaces standard throughout Service. Split one-way terrestrial SDH tails for redundancy and geographic diversity.
  • Specialist 24 x 7 technical support is provided by our experienced staff at the Broadcast Operations Centre in Sydney. Visual monitoring is used as a rapid health check of the service.
  • Terrestrial Tail Path Selection using ETR 290 service verification available as an option.

Support FAQs

Technical Issues

For fault reporting and service assistance please call the Optus Broadcast Operations Centre on 02 9486 3477. This team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Billing, General Account Changes and Enquiries

Please call your assigned service desk number, otherwise call 134 315 Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm AEST. Email

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