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Optus Wireless IP VPN

Secure mobile connectivity to your company's private IP data network.

Optus Wireless IP VPN extends the business boundaries away from the office by enabling your mobile workforce or remote machine-to-machine assets to securely connect to your company’s private IP data network.

It works just like the VPN (Virtual Private Network) in your office, but it protects your data when it is being accessed over Optus' mobile network. It’s like extending the security of your office environment into the mobile environment.

You can increase productivity of your mobile workforce when they are on the move by providing secure, mobile connectivity to corporate information like email, intranet content and business applications. You can also remotely monitor machine-to-machine assets in the field, whether they be fixed or mobile, using secure, mobile connectivity to specific business applications.


Your choice of either Standard Wireless IP VPN or Business Wireless IPVPN – Optus offers two service options with different features to suit your business needs.  Both offer secure IP VPN connectivity however the business Wireless IP VPN product support subnet IP address identification and Priority Advantage QoS on the mobile network.

Secure, mobile, access to your private IP data network - You have the option to allocate a private static or dynamic IP address to a remote mobile device.

Flexible solutions to meet your business requirements - There are two solution options depending upon your businesses needs:

  • Secure mobile connectivity tunnelled via IPSec across the Internet to your company's private IP data network, offers a cost effective solution for the delivery of low value information and/or access to business applications.This option is only available on Optus Wireless IP VPN.
  • Secure mobile connectivity directly into your company's private Optus Evolve IP VPN network, offers a robust solution for the delivery of high value information and/or access to business critical applications.  This option is available on both Wireless IP VPN and Business Wireless IPVPN.

Compatibility - Works with most data-capable devices in the market.

Reliability - Uses the Optus 3G dual band* network and HSDPA technology to deliver reliable mobile access.

Business Wireless IP VPN -

  • Priority Advantage Quality of Service on the mobile network giving you a performance uplift over standard Optus Mobile Broadband & Wireless IP VPN users during times of mobile cell congestion.
  • Mobile subnet IP address identification allowing devices behind the 3G router to send and receive data from the mobile subnet range.
  • Self managed RADIUS authentication

*HSDPA/HSUPA performance can be experienced in Optus Mobile 3G dual band service areas when combined with a 3G dual band device. Optus 3G dual band is part of the Open Network and refers to our UMTS2100MHz/900MHz coverage. With 3G dual band devices, coverage is available throughout the Open Network in 3G dual band areas, subject to network availability. See for details.


Wireless IP VPN extends your company's network beyond traditional boundaries.

Secure, real-time access to company information - Wireless IP VPN can be deployed to deliver a range of mobile solutions such as teleworking, back to base security monitoring, track and trace logistics monitoring, EFTPOS transactions, and sales force applications. You can also control the information your users access.

Centralised control of mobile employee Internet access - Your mobile workforce can only access the Internet by connecting to your private IP data network and passing through your fixed line Internet gateway / firewall. This ensures all employees comply with your corporate security policy.

Reduce operational costs - Remotely monitoring assets in the field can save you the cost of personnel physically visiting the sites and improve responsiveness when attention is required.

Contact your Optus Account Manager to find out more about Optus Wireless IP VPN.

Why buy this product

Wireless IP VPN and Business Wireless IP VPN gives your people secure, mobile access to your company’s private IP data network. It’s the perfect combination of:

  • ease of use and reliability
  • security and flexibility

Unlike other solutions, there is no need to use fixed lines or dial-up connections: access is convenient, fast and simple, so your people can spend more time doing their jobs and less time worrying about technology when they are out of the office on the move.

Commercial overview

Optus offers two pricing options to suit your business' connectivity needs:

  • Data plans, with separate monthly plans for each user. Each plan includes a monthly allowance of mobile data and charges for usage in excess of the allowance. We have plan options for low, medium and heavy users so you can tailor your plans to your employees' needs.
  • Mobile Data Fleet Plans, with a ‘bucket’ of gigabytes to be used across the entire fleet and per megabyte charges for usage in excess of the allowance, helping businesses control their mobile data spend and manage their fleet.

Talk to your Optus Account Manager to find out more about which pricing option suits your business.


Optus contracts with customers either on an individual basis, or by way of a standard form of agreement (Standard Agreement). To view the Standard Agreement documents for Optus Business Mobile Services, please go to

Technical overview

Wireless IP VPN provides dedicated access, over the Optus 3G dual band mobile network*, from the user's mobile device to the company's private data IP network.

As your data traffic is carried by a private IP-VPN network, the integrity is protected. The service is configured so users are restricted to using the service for business relevant corporate applications and backed by business grade performance objectives, reporting, service support and features.


You have the flexibility of two solution options: remote devices are either tunnelled securely over the Internet or connected directly into your Optus Evolve IP VPN network.

Devices available with Wireless IP VPN services to suit a range of business needs include:

  • USB Modem (for Windows and Mac OS)
  • PC Express Card (includes PCMCIA adapter) (for Windows and Mac OS).
  • Wireless Router (for Windows and Mac OS) supports Internet access by more than one PC.
  • A range of Optus mobile network compatible customer supplied machine-to-machine modems.

On Wireless IP VPN you have the option to allocate a private static or dynamic IP address to a remote mobile device. Optus offers a Customer Management Interface (CMI) providing network administrators a convenient portal to manage the allocation of private static IP addressing associated with your services, without having to call Optus.

On Business Wireless IP VPN you are required to manage your own RADIUS authentication and static IP address allocations, which puts you in total control of the administration of end users connecting to the IP VPN.

Technical Attachments

Wireless IP VPN (Internet (IP Sec tunnel) solution) 
Cost effective solution
(Not available on Business Wireless IP VPN)

Wireless IP VPN (Internet (IP Sec tunnel) solution)

Wireless IP VPN (Evolve IP VPN solution)
Robust solution
(Available on both Wireless IP VPN and Business Wireless IP VPN)

Wireless IP VPN (Evolve IP VPN solution)

Support overview

Mobile End user support

End users requiring support with using their mobile service, including actions such as turning on voicemail should contact 1300 133 334 Monday to Friday 8:00am to 7:00pm (AEST).

For service enquires, billing, incident handling and changes

To report an incident, log a service request or make enquiries please call your assigned service desk number, otherwise call 134 315, operating 24/7 for incident handling and Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm AEST for other enquiries. Email

To see other contact details for Optus click here.

Product FAQs

Will a new or special SIM card be required to use the service?

The service comes with a SIM card supplied by Optus.

Do you have rate plans that incorporate throttling?

No - to ensure that you can always access the maximum HSPA speeds available in your area; we do not throttle the speeds once plan limits are reached. However, Optus does charge for excess usage.

Support FAQs

Where can I use Wireless IP VPN?

The service is available in Optus 3G dual band coverage areas. Optus 3G dual band is part of the Open Network and refers to our UMTS2100MHz/900MHz coverage. With 3G dual band devices, coverage is available throughout the Open Network in 3G dual band areas, subject to network availability. Not available in NT and TAS. See for details.

How do I tell if my handset or mobile device is HSDPA compatible?

Check the handset or device user guide, or check the manufacturer's website, looking up the model number.

Can I use Wireless IP VPN overseas?

Depending on your destination, you may be able to use Wireless IP VPN when you are roaming internationally, with Data Roaming. Standard plan international data roaming rates will apply.

Use our Global Roaming tool on the left to view what roaming services are available in different countries.

What is High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)?

Essentially, a new data layer is added to the 3G Network to enable it to carry data at higher speeds - also known as 3.5G. HSDPA is an enhancement to our existing 3G Mobile Network.

What happens if HSDPA is not available?

All the Optus Mobile Broadband devices can work on the GSM (GPRS) network if, for any reason, the 3G network is unavailable.

Data carried over the GSM network is charged at the same rate.

How can I tell that the device is getting HSDPA speeds?

The device will indicate if HSDPA is being used. If the device is idle it will indicate that the 2G or 3G/HSDPA network is present.

What are the benefits of HSDPA?

Almost any data application will benefit from the greater speeds offered by HSDPA. For example, a user can download web pages more quickly than on GPRS or 3G.