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Optus Evolve IP VPN

Securely connect your corporate sites using the Optus Evolve® network.

Connect your corporate sites using our advanced Optus Evolve® network, so you can share voice, data and video quickly and simply.

Simplify your existing network by switching to Optus Evolve. Rather than having multiple point-to-point solutions, you can connect all your sites together using Optus Evolve IP VPN. It creates a virtual private network for your organisation, using secure, scalable, application-aware private IP connectivity.

It’s simple to add new locations and it’s built to support converged services so you can start rolling out services like VOIP or unified communications across your entire organisation.


Optus Evolve IP VPN provides reliable, flexible, scalable and cost effective connectivity between multiple locations in Australia and internationally. It allows you to replace legacy networks with a single, easy-to-manage network platform with far greater visibility and control.

  • Built for convergence - Application-aware. Scalable any-to-any connectivity. End-to-end Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Flexible - Modular network design. Add more modules as your business needs change: Optus Evolve MRS, Optus Evolve SSL Remote Access and Optus Evolve Voice. Available via a variety of access types and routing protocols.
  • Simple to manage - Simple configuration choices. Single reporting platform with advanced usage and QoS reporting. Connect new sites via standard Ethernet.
  • Bundled port and access pricing - with accurate and comprehensible bills


Using Intelligent IP Network Technologies Whitepaper


Optus Evolve IP VPN Datasheet


Optus Evolve IP VPN is based on Optus' new generation network purpose built to support voice, data, video and other converged business applications. Benefits include:

  • Simplify your network design - 'Design once, deliver many times' philosophy behind Evolve IP VPN means organisations can add new locations without having to restructure existing network architectures. Consistent Ethernet delivery for all accesses ensures that businesses can maintain a single design for all sites.
  • Flexibility - Modular design lets businesses add or change services as required. Includes full inter-working with Optus Private IP (OPI) services for customers who wish to expand their existing Optus IP VPN.
  • Quality of Service (QoS), for business grade access services, so business application delivery can be prioritised.

To find out more about how Optus Evolve can transform your business, contact your Optus Business Account Manager.

Why buy this product

As the challenger in the Australian market, Optus purpose built the Optus Evolve network to address real-world business issues as requested by our customers.

  • Optus Evolve is a national IP network which supports the latest converged services, like unified communications or video services, so you can launch advanced applications to help your business grow.
  • The modular design of the Optus Evolve network makes it simpler to add new sites and services, or upgrade capacity, to meet your changing business needs.
  • Enhanced reporting through a single online tool, the eCare portal, makes it easy for your IT department to manage and optimise your network.
  • Optus Evolve has been designed for reliability and high performance, and is backed by Optus SLA's.
  • Billing has been simplified with charges on a site-by-site basis.

If you prefer to outsource network management, we offer end-to-end management services through Optus Evolve MRS.

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Commercial overview

Optus Evolve IP VPN has simple easy to understand pricing. It comprises:

  • One time establishment charge per interface based on the type of access.
  • Monthly recurring charge per interface (with and without QoS options) based on the type of access and bandwidth.

At Optus discretion, Optus Evolve IP VPN services that are used as a secondary access link for redundancy purposes may be charged at a discounted rate.

Traffic reports and service management reports can be viewed on the eCare online reporting portal.


Optus contracts with customers either on an individual basis, or by way of a standard form of agreement (Standard Agreement). To view the Standard Agreement documents for Optus Business Data Services, please go to


The Optus Evolve network is monitored 24 x 7 by Optus and is backed by comprehensive SLA’s.

Technical overview

Optus Evolve IP VPN creates a private wide area network (WAN) for your organisation over the Optus Evolve MPLS network. Unlike point-to-point leased line private networks, Optus Evolve IP VPN provides dedicated any-to-any or hub-and-spoke connectivity to all your corporate sites.

Connecting a site to Optus Evolve IP VPN is simple: just connect your customer premises, or Customer Edge (CE), router to Optus’ Provider Edge (PE) router via Ethernet.

The Optus Evolve IP VPN supports many access types (including ADSL/ADSL2+, SHDSL, direct fibre and leased line) and routing protocols (including static routes, RIPv2, and BGP4).

Optus Evolve is a nationwide service and can be connected internationally. Optus connects with more than twelve major networks in the Asia Pacific region and three major backbone networks in the USA, providing high flexibility and redundancy for international traffic.

Online reporting is provided through a single portal, eCare.

Technical Attachments

Optus Evolve IP VPN

Optus Evolve IP VPN

Evaluating the Latest Advances in Networking Technologies

Navigating through the latest range of networking solutions can be a challenge for enterprises aiming to improve their productivity and efficiency.

At a glance:

  • The Changing Networking Landscape
  • Alternative Technologies and Architectures
  • Evaluating the Alternatives

Download whitepaper.

Support overview

For service enquires, billing, incident handling and changes

To report an incident, log a service request or make enquiries please call your assigned service desk number, otherwise call 134 315, operating 24/7 for incident handling and Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm AEST for other enquiries.

For non-urgent issues, use the Optus eCare portal to raise and manage service issues.

To see other contact details for Optus click here.

Tools and Downloads

Access Optus eCare online reporting and management portal. You must be a registered user to gain access to this service.

Product FAQs

Does Optus Evolve suit my size of business?

Optus Evolve is ideally suited to the needs of corporate and government organisations, typically with more than 200 employees. Please call us on 1800 646 050 to find out how Optus Evolve can make your business more productive.

How extensive is Optus' network coverage?

Optus has extensive network coverage, through national optical fibre, DSL, mobile and satellite networks, and can reach the majority of Australian businesses. Following significant network investment over the past two years, Optus can now reach more businesses than ever before. This means Optus can better control the experience that you have dealing with us, as we are less reliant on third party providers to deliver network connections on our behalf.

What does it mean for Optus to be part of the SingTel Group?

Since 2001, Optus has been at the heart of the SingTel Group, Asia's leading communications company. Through the SingTel ConnectPlus Network, we can connect your sites around the world into your Optus Evolve network.

What is Optus Evolve?

Optus Evolve is an advanced IP communications network that delivers tomorrow's converged business applications today - enabling your business to be more productive, now and into the future.

What benefits will Optus Evolve deliver to Optus customers?

Optus Evolve delivers a range of improvements that can enhance your business's performance:

  • It is a 'new generation network' that replaces multiple legacy technologies with a single, easy-to-manage network platform
  • It is an application-aware network with faster bandwidths, designed to easily deliver converged business applications that enhance productivity and reduce costs
  • Improved reliability and resilience is an integral part of the network design - software upgrades can be conducted in-service - for fewer planned and unplanned network outages
  • Reduced network complexity allows for simplified network management and comprehensive reporting
  • It caters to the increasing demand for flexible anywhere, anytime work practices with an easy-to-manage remote access solution
  • It is modular in design and highly scalable so it can be readily adapted to your changing business needs.

What are the key features of Optus Evolve?

Some of the key features of Optus Evolve are:

  • Application-aware capability - enabling you to develop and manage optimal service levels for your converged business applications
  • Class of service/quality of service (CoS/QoS) performance targets in the core network for round trip time (RTT), jitter and packet loss - to provide an ideal platform for network convergence
  • Greatly improved reporting and billing services - to give you more control and take the complexity out of dealing with your telecommunications provider
  • It provides an easy-to-manage remote access solution that enables remote and mobile workers, as well as trusted business partners, to access applications on your network
  • It introduces standardisation of features across all business-grade services - to simplify network operations
  • Ethernet interfaces are standard across all access methods - for lower-cost customer premises equipment, and standardisation of the local and wide area networks
  • Port and access are bundled - to simplify pricing, billing and cost allocation by site
  • It delivers improved features and higher bandwidths at lower total cost
  • It includes improved redundancy and service level targets

Are there new things my business can do with Optus Evolve?

Optus Evolve delivers tangible business benefits today, but more importantly it provides a platform for new applications when your business is ready for them. With Optus Evolve:

  • You can converge voice and data on your network and manage it more easily - enabling you and your end users to be more productive
  • Remote and mobile workers as well as different company sites can share critical information securely and flexibly
  • You can take advantage of more bandwidth and it is easier to upgrade as your business grows
  • IT teams can focus on developing and implementing applications that improve business productivity, rather than running the network.

Optus launched its first Internet service in Australia in 1998, how is Optus Evolve IP VPN different?

Optus Evolve IP VPN is built on the Optus Evolve network, which is designed from the ground up to support new, faster access methods, and incorporates greater redundancy and application-aware capability. Key improvements introduced with Optus Evolve include:

  • Delivery of important benefits such as simplified billing, better reporting and increased visibility of network performance - enabling you to focus on building your business, rather than running your network.
  • Easy-to-manage remote access solution - enables remote users to access corporate applications without the need for special equipment or software.
  • Modular approach makes it easy to add services as your business needs change - ensuring your network evolves with your business.
  • Total core network capacity increased by hundreds of times compared to the current network - ensures ample capacity to support the requirements of future bandwidth-hungry converged applications.
  • Reduction from eight different router operating systems to one - to simplify network management and reliability.
  • More than 80% reduction in the total number of routers required in the network - greatly reduces network complexity for better network reliability.

Importantly, Optus Evolve includes full inter-working with Optus Private IP (OPI) services for customers who wish to expand their existing Optus IP VPN.

How can Optus Evolve help me to reduce costs?

Optus has been driving value in the Australian telecommunications market since 1992, and Optus Evolve can help reduce both the direct and indirect operating costs associated with running your communications network. For example, Optus Evolve IP VPN allows you to replace legacy networks with a single, easy-to-manage network platform that provides far greater visibility and control. Being modular in design, it enables you to choose the components you need to suit your business requirements, and adapt the network as requirements change.

How can Optus Evolve help me to reduce risk in my business?

You have the security of knowing that Optus is a tier-1 player with extensive network coverage, backed by SingTel, the largest communications company in Asia, and that Optus Evolve is based on a true carrier-grade core and edge network.

Can Optus Evolve make dealing with my telco easier?

Optus Business' vision is to provide the best in business customer experience, and the Optus Evolve product suite is a key component on the road to delivering on our vision. It provides our customers with reliable, secure and user-friendly communications services, allowing you to modify the network to suit your changing business requirements without having to rebuild your network.

What is a new generation network (NGN)?

The term 'new generation network' or NGN is commonly used to describe networks that are characterised by the use of IP, fibre optics, DSL and new operational and billing support systems. The combination of the new Optus Evolve network and its supporting systems enables Optus to deliver an enhanced range of core networking services such as IP VPN and Ethernet VPN, currently available converged applications such as voice over IP and multimedia, and is a key enabler for the converged applications of the future.

Billing FAQs

What number do I call for billing enquiries?

Please call the billing contact number on your invoice, your assigned service desk or otherwise call 134 315, Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm AEST for other enquiries.