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Wholesale Services

Expand your network coverage easily

Optus Wholesale is a leader in delivering value to telecommunications service providers and carriers around Australia and the globe, with products designed specifically for the wholesale market. Use Optus infrastructure as leverage to strengthen your market position and expand your service offerings. Enjoy the benefits of flexible pricing and single billing, with online access to view data usage and easy provision of new services to your customers.

Optus SatWeb
A fast, IP-based satellite data broadcast solution that enables service providers to offer internet satellite services to their customers into remote and rural areas in Australia. Service providers are able to manage their network and customers directly, including providing their branded billing and email services.

Optus SatData International
A point-to-point data carriage using Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) connections services between customer premises located in Australia and remote customer site(s) located outside of Australia within the coverage footprint of international satellite(s) used for the service.

Optus Transponder Services
Connects with privately owned earth stations and provides reception of the signals transmitted from earth to the satellite, signal amplifications and frequency translation and retransmission from the satellite to earth stations located within the satellite footprint.