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Business Services

A Selection of Services as Wide as our Coverage

As Australia’s only satellite system operator that owns and manages all its satellites, we can offer a more comprehensive suite of advanced digital satellite services. These services are flexible and capable of addressing a wide range of communications requirements for business and communities.

Delivering TV and radio services on a full or part-time basis throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Optus AudioCast
A private digital satellite service for broadcasting high quality audio and music channels to virtually anywhere in Australia. 

Optus Global VideoConnect
A premium service that transmits broadcast-quality video between Australia and virtually anywhere in the world.

Optus HomeCast
A fully managed service that broadcasts Direct-to-Home (DTH) television signals via satellite.

Optus MultiCast
A private digital satellite service that lets you broadcast your own high-quality, one-way video across Australia.

Optus RemoteCast
Broadcasts video, audio and data components from the broadcaster’s studio to the Optus satellite and then to satellite antennae and Integrated Receiver Decoders at homesteads and retransmission sites in rural and remote areas of Australia.

Optus VideoConnect Full Time
Distributes digital television signal anywhere in Australia on a full time basis and can be used for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint distribution.

Optus VideoConnect Part Time
The same service as above, available on a part time basis.

Fast Internet access and IP connectivity solutions on a full- or part-time basis across Australia, New Zealand and international locations.

Optus SatData
IP-based broadband via satellite for high-speed data, audio or video to wherever you need in Australia and New Zealand, regardless of how remote the location.

Optus SatData International
A point-to-point data carriage using Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) connections between customer’s Australian premises and remote customer site(s) outside of Australia, within the coverage footprint of international satellite(s) used for the service.

Optus Private IP
A permanent IP connection directly to the customer’s Optus IP Core network.

Optus SatLearn
An interactive distance-learning service, developed for schools, TAFEs, universities and corporate training, which can be received anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Optus SatWeb
A fast, IP-based satellite data broadcast solution that delivers one-way or two-way high-speed internet and data services throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Mobile Satellite
Mobile phone coverage for voice, fax and data for remote and marine communications up to 200 kilometres out to sea.

Consulting, design, construction and program management of new satellite systems, including Transfer Orbit Services and On-Orbit Satellite Operations.

Pre-Launch Service
This provides satellite owners with high quality consulting, construction oversight, engineering, training, testing and project/programme management services on their own satellite procurement programs.

Launch Service
The experienced staff at the Optus Satellite Control Centre in Sydney and associated tracking antenna facilities provide satellite manufacturers and owner/operators with a high quality Transfer Orbit Support Service (TOSS), Launch and Early Operations Phase (LEOP) service and In-Orbit Testing (IOT) service.

Post-Launch Service
A high quality On-orbit operations service and Telemetry, Tracking &Control (TT&C) ‘bent pipe’ services for satellite owners and operators.