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Optus signs deal to deliver satellite broadband

Optus today announced a deal with the newly formed Tasmanian based company e-Sat Communications Pty Ltd. Bob Murray, Optus General Manager, Satellite said, the deal would provide Optus satellite services to e-Sat via an Optus satellite hub which will allow e-Sat to provide community broadband services across Tasmania.

"e-Sat will set up cooperative ventures in regional centres and cities allowing businesses, government departments and organisations such as health care facilities, and consumers to access the hub in a cost effective way. Minimal infrastructure is required due to the use of Optus Satellites," said Mr Murray.

"This business model is a real opportunity to bring rural and regional government and businesses a competitive advantage while receiving localised customer service that better understands their needs.

"We are providing the backbone to e-Sat's network - e-Sat will install its own VSAT dishes. e-Sat will also provide customer service and billing to its customers," Mr Murray said.

"Using a collaborative satellite business blue-print will help to bring down the cost and make internet services accessible and affordable to the regional market," he said.

The service is based on the Optus SatData Star IP service, which in this case provides a wide pipe to the internet via a satellite hub located at the Optus satellite facility at Belrose, NSW. A VSAT terminal located in the community controls the flow of internet protocol (IP)service and e-Sat then distributes this information via a wireless local loop.

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