Optus D2 Satellite blasts off
06 Oct 2007

Optus announced today that the Optus D2 Satellite has been successfully propelled into orbit after a spectacular launch from French Guiana.

The Optus D2 Satellite further expands Optus' existing satellite fleet, providing unique communications capabilities unmatched by any other telecommunications company in Australia.

Optus is focused on providing broadcasting and broadband services to customers, as well as providing wholesale satellite access to companies delivering subscription TV and internet services.

Paul Sheridan, Head of Optus Satellite, said that this second addition to the Optus D-series satellite family is another example of Optus leading the market in the Australian satellite industry, using state-of-the-art rocket technology, with one of the youngest satellite fleets in operation.

"After more than twenty years of leading satellite-based communication services in Australia, Optus continues to make a substantial investment to increase Australia's communications capability."

"Optus' D-series satellites, the latest generation of Optus satellites, enable Optus to provide additional services to our customers with growth opportunities in the Subscription TV, and ethnic services broadcast sectors and additional in-orbit redundancy out to the year 2020 and beyond," Mr Sheridan said.

The Optus D1 satellite was successfully launched in October 2006 and the D2 satellite is the next step in rejuvenating the Optus Satellite fleet. Optus D2 satellite will replace the Optus B3 satellite which has been in operation since 1994. The new generation D-series offers increased satellite performance and provides continuity of service for Optus Satellite customers as Optus B-series Satellites near end of life.

Optus Satellite will continue to bring rural and regional Australia enhanced capacity for two-way communications services (VSAT) and extended reach for direct-to-home television services.

The Optus D-series Satellites will increase Optus' fleet capacity by more than 30 percent and represents an overall investment in excess of A$600 million.

The third D-series Satellite, Optus D3, is planned to be delivered in 2009.

Note to Editor: Optus has been providing satellite communications to people living in rural and regional Australia and continues to provide VSAT services under the Australian Broadband Guarantee.

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Optus Corporate Affairs
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