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Optus Satellite celebrates 20 years in space
01 Sep 2005

Optus today reached a significant milestone, commemorating 20 years of satellite operation.

Since the launch of its A1 Satellite in 1985, Optus has grown to become the leading satellite operator in the Asia Pacific Region.

Together with SingTel, Optus offers customers access to more than 38 satellites covering Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Africa, China, India, Hawaii and the West Coast of the USA.

Warren Hardy, Managing Director of Optus Wholesale & Satellite, said that over the past two decades Optus had built an enviable reputation for expertise, professionalism and service reliability in the satellite industry.

"Optus' 20 years of success in the satellite industry has been firmly built on the strength of its product innovation, its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, service excellence, and its dedication to bringing communications to regional and remote areas.

Optus has an unmatched track record in delivering digital-based services to the Australian and New Zealand markets, with the Optus D1 and D2 satellites set to strengthen the fleet in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

The launch of Optus' D1 Satellite in 2006, follows the C1 Satellite launch in 2003 and is a significant addition to the combined resources of Optus and SingTel and will ensure the continuity and growth of Optus' satellite business.

The purchase of the D-series satellites, together with the securing of key broadcast customers, such as Foxtel and Sky TV NZ, provides the platform for Optus' satellite business to grow and extend beyond the year 2020," Mr Hardy said.

In conjunction with the launch of its D1 Satellite, Optus developed Space Ace, a nationwide online science quiz for both primary and secondary school students in April this year. The finals were held recently in Sydney and the two winners will be accompanied by their teacher and a parent/guardian to witness the launch of the D1 Satellite from French Guiana, South America (via Paris).

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