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Optus gives customers greater control of their mobile spend at home and overseas
08 Sep 2011

Optus today announced the launch of a number of new tools to help customers better manage their monthly mobile spend.

From today, Optus postpaid mobile customers who download data on their handset when they're overseas will be notified, within approximately one hour of first usage, that they are being charged for data roaming. The new Optus roaming alert prompts customers to disable or stop using data roaming on their device to avoid further charges.

For those customers who choose to keep using data roaming, Optus will notify the customer every 15MB of usage as a further measure to help customers keep control of their spend.

Gavin Williams, Marketing Director, Optus Consumer said, "This new alert system will notify customers when they use data roaming and make them aware of how much it is costing them if they choose not to turn it off. We believe it will lead to fewer customers coming home to unexpectedly high mobile bills or at least make customers more aware of how much it will cost them if they do choose to use data roaming."

Closer to home, customers on Optus' consumer cap plans will soon start receiving text alerts if they exceed 80 per cent of the voice or data component of their monthly postpaid mobile plan.

Over the coming months, Optus customers on current postpaid plans will receive a text message alerting them if they exceed 80 per cent of the included value in their mobile plan. The new alert system will apply to the voice and text as well as the data component of a customer's mobile plan, whichever is reached first.

Optus will also send postpaid mobile customers an alert if they spend $20 or more on services which aren't included in their cap, such as international calls or premium SMS.

"While Optus currently provides mobile customers with the ability to monitor usage themselves, these new proactive alert systems will make it even easier for customers to keep an eye on their monthly spend. By alerting customers throughout the month to charges they may incur outside their mobile plan, we hope to provide customers with a greater level of visibility and control of their mobile bill.

"These initiatives are the first of a number of measures we will be introducing over the coming months to help customers get even more from their mobile service. Simpler plans and improved data roaming rates for popular destinations are just some of the measures we are looking at to provide Optus customers with a better experience," Mr Williams said.

For further information, please visit www.optus.com.au/alerts.

Media contact:
Liz Greene
Optus Corporate Affairs
(02) 8082 1132