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Optus Business boosts Internet security for enterprise customers
08 Jun 2011

New Optus Evolve Internet Security as a Service and Distributed Denial of Service delivers protection at the Optus network layer

Optus Business has introduced two new hosted services as part of its Optus Evolve Internet product suite to provide enterprise customers with enhanced Internet security and protection. The new services can help customers reduce the amount of time and money required to manage their on-premise security systems.

Optus Evolve Internet Security as a Service (SECaaS) and Optus Evolve Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) ensure security threats, viruses and malware are proactively detected and blocked at the Optus network level so customers don't have to deploy their own premise-based solutions. It also offers customers proactive content filtering as well as monitoring and mitigation of network-level threats and/or attacks.

As these security features are integrated at the Optus Evolve network level, the SECaaS and DDoS services can help customers reduce network management time and costs while reducing network downtime and mitigating network security threats.

IDC recently reported that 29 per cent of enterprises cite the shortage of IT staff as one of the top security management concerns. This is followed by the lack of integration of security solutions (24 per cent) and complexity (17 per cent) as the biggest pain points in managing security operations (Can Security Be Managed from a Carrier Cloud, May 2011, Dustin Kehoe, IDC).

Scott Mason, Director of Marketing and Strategy, Optus Business said, "Enterprises spend a considerable amount of time, effort and money in managing their security systems. Optus Business is directly responding to these customer concerns by taking responsibility for security management at the network level to offer our customers greater protection. By integrating these security capabilities within the core Optus Evolve platform, security threats and malicious traffic can be stopped in our network, which frees up our customers' networks of any unwanted traffic.

"Our new security offerings also ensure our customers can have access to the latest security features but don't have to worry about the cost of procuring and maintaining the hardware or resources needed to support them. These new services are part of our continued investment in the Optus Evolve Internet platform."

Optus Evolve Internet SECaaS has been designed to provide a highly effective and efficient content filtering and Internet security service for organisations. The service can provide organisations with security at an individual user level, such as protecting email accounts from receiving an email with an embedded virus, or stopping staff from accessing internet gaming sites at work. This eliminates the need for organisations to install and manage their own anti-virus software and other security tools.

Optus Evolve DDoS enables organisations to optimise the availability of their network by proactively blocking unwanted threats. A DDoS attack is a targeted onslaught of malicious traffic against a single customer networking causing an inundation and eventual shutdown. The new DDoS service can detect and mitigate against malicious traffic allowing only clean traffic to pass through the network.

Both services ensure organisations maintain full control over the security rules that best suit their individual business requirements.

About Optus Evolve Internet
Optus Evolve Internet is a comprehensive Internet package providing a fast and reliable link to the Internet via the Optus Evolve Network. Customers can choose access, bandwidth, service type, billing, reporting and other features to tailor the solution to their business needs. Optus Evolve Internet integrates seamlessly with other components of the Optus EvolveĀ® communications suite to deliver a total communications solutions. For more information, visit www.optus.com.au/evolve.

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