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Optus gives whales a voice
26 Apr 2010

Announces partnership with World Society for the Protection of Animals

Optus today announced a joint initiative with, leading international animal welfare group, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) calling for Australians to help put an end to whaling by supporting the 'Give Whales a Voice' campaign.

Michael Smith, Optus Corporate Marketing Director said, "Despite being among the loudest beings in the world, producing sounds of 188 decibels, when it comes to whaling, whales aren't being heard. As one of Australia's most recognisable brands, we want to raise awareness and harness the support of our customers and the Australian people to put a stop to whaling once and for all.

"Some may ask why is Optus getting involved in a campaign to stop whaling? For us, that's an easy answer. We love animals and have long supported animal welfare, through our association with organisations such as Australian Wildlife Conservancy. Like many Australians, we detest animal cruelty. Today we take an important step with our new partner WSPA in demonstrating our support for the protection of whales and to making a difference."

Optus and WSPA have created a website www.givewhalesavoice.com.au as the vehicle for Australians to record their support. We are asking supporters to record a computer generated word that will be combined together visually to demonstrate how strongly the Australian people feel about whaling. This powerful audio visual presentation will be presented by WSPA when the International Whaling commission meets in Morocco on 21 June 2010.

"This is a simple and easy way for Optus' eight million customers and members of the general public to come together, get involved and voice their support for whales so it is heard on the international stage," Mr Smith said.

WSPA's vision is to create a world where animals matter and cruelty ends. It aims to promote the protection of animals, to prevent cruelty to animals and to relieve animal suffering in every part of the world.

Emily Reeves, WSPA Programs Manager, said, "There is ample scientific evidence to show there is no humane way to kill a whale at sea. The aim of this campaign is to Give Whales a Voice and to create a future in which these magnificent animals are protected. By working with Optus we have a great opportunity to take this important message to a broader audience.”

Optus is an active participant across a range of activities within the Australian community. We continue to support initiatives within the arts, sport and environment as well as Not for Profit arenas. Our aim is to use telecommunications to connect and build social inclusion across communities, families and friends. This campaign is an extension of our community involvement. The 'Give Whales a Voice' will be an integrated community commitment to help protect endangered animals and supports our Whale Song brand campaign – with communication we believe anything is possible. The Whale Song brand campaign relaunched nationally via television, cinema and online this week.

For more information go to www.givewhalesavoice.com.au or www.wspa.org.au.

Media contact:
Simone Bergholcs, Optus Corporate Affairs, Tel: (02) 8082 7846 or Louise Fitzsimons, Communications Manager, WSPA Australia, Tel: (02) 9902 8013