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Optus launches Voice to Text™ service powered by SpinVox

14 day free trial available for Optus mobile customers

Optus announced today the launch of its Voice to Text™ service. Optus Voice to Text™ will allow Optus' mobile customers to convert spoken VoiceMail messages into text and receive them as a text message on their mobile phone.

Instead of customers having to listen to their VoiceMail message to capture important information, a text message of the VoiceMail will automatically be sent to a customer's mobile phone. Once read, the message can be replied to, forwarded and saved. The caller's number is presented as the sender of the text to make it simple for customers to reply with a voice call or text.

Jim Jaques, Marketing Director, Optus Consumer said, "Optus' Voice to Text service is the simple and convenient way to receive a message when you miss a call. Whether you're in a business meeting or you've got your hands full with children at the supermarket, sometimes you just can't answer the phone and instantly reading an important message on your mobile can make life much easier."

Anandh Maistry, Vice President Asia Pacific, SpinVox said, "This deal not only brings voicemail to text to Optus mobile customers it also adds to the millions of SpinVox users on five continents who are already enjoying the power of reading their voice messages. Voice to text is a truly exciting category of voice service which is spreading across the globe at an impressive rate and is now the fastest-growing network service since SMS."

All new Optus Consumer and Small and Medium Business Post-Paid mobile customers will automatically receive a 14 day free* trial of Optus Voice to Text™ upon activation. Existing Optus Consumer and Small and Medium Business mobile customers can opt in to the 14 day free trial by texting the word "ON" to 7746. At the conclusion of the 14 day trial customers can choose to continue their Optus Voice to Text™ service for $6.99 per month which includes unlimited messages^.

Optus' corporate and government customers can also benefit from an Optus Voice to Text™ trial, ensuring that business professionals and project teams can experience the improved communications and response times that Optus Voice to Text™ users will enjoy. Optus Business customers can speak to their Account Manager for more information.

To distinguish from thumb-typed texts, every SpinVox converted message will appear within speech marks and carry the 'spoken through SpinVox' tagline, ensuring customers recognise the difference in message style.

For more information on the Optus Voice to Text™ service, please visit; www.optus.com.au/voicetotext

Media Contacts:

Siobhan Quinn
Optus Corporate Affairs
Tel: 02 8082 8432
Stuart Kelly
Head of Product Marketing - APAC
M: +61 401 004 068
Skype: stukelly77

Jane Henry
Global PR Director
M: + 44 7941 941 794
TW: @spinvox, TW: @prfabulous

SpinVox Voice to Text Conversion – How Does it Work?

At the heart of SpinVox is its ground-breaking Voice Message Conversion System™ (VMCS), which works by combining state-of-the-art speech technologies with a live-learning language process to assure quality of conversion.

SpinVox VMCS primarily uses speech recognition technologies to convert speech into text, but if it is not able to complete the conversion because words or phrases are indistinct, or a new word, phrase, brand name or colloquialism is used, then to ensure a high level of accuracy, it can ask a human agent for help, guiding them to the parts of the messages that need their assistance to ensure message accuracy continuously improves.

SpinVox converts messages for more than 30 million people worldwide and its VMCS now contains more than two billion words and phrases derived from the equivalent of 72 years of audio training – making it the world's largest corpus of spoken language. Thanks to VMCS' combination of technology and live-learning, the system constantly learns new words and phrases, making it increasingly efficient and reliable.

SpinVox VMCS™ employs high levels of security protocols and has been certified to prestigious ISO qualifications for both information security and quality.

For more information go to www.spinvox.com and follow SpinVox on Twitter - @spinvox.

*Free trial offer: There is a limit of one 14 day trial per customer. This offer is for a limited time only and may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice to you.
^Optus Mobile Fair Go™ policy applies.

About SpinVox:
SpinVox is the world's leading Voice to Text company. SpinVox works with mobile operators, cable companies and application developers to deliver network and enterprise voice to text solutions that makes daily communications simpler by converting the two most useful forms of communications – Voice and Text.

At the heart of the voice to text system is the SpinVox Voice Message Conversion System (VMCS), which works by combining state-of-the-art speech technologies with live-learning processes to assure the quality and accuracy of the conversion. SpinVox VMCS primarily uses speech technologies to convert speech into text but, if it is not able to complete the conversion, it can ask a human agent for help to ensure that the message is accurately converted and actively learns from the process itself. This has resulted in VMCS currently having a vocabulary of over two billion words and phrases.

SpinVox robust and secure system is able to convert six languages - English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian - and their regional variants.

SpinVox customers include: Alltel, Avaya, Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless, TELUS, Movistar Argentina, Movistar Chile, Movistar Columbia, Movistar Ecuador, Movistar Guatemala, Movistar Mexico, Movistar Panama, Nortel Networks, Vodacom, Vodafone Spain, Telstra, Skype and Live Journal. For more information, please visit: www.SpinVox.com

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Optus is an Australian leader in integrated communications. The company specialises in a broad range of communications services including mobile, local, national and long distance telephony, business network services, internet and satellite services and subscription television. For more information please visit www.optus.com.au