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Optus 'stops time' with unlimited calls and sms mobile plan
21 Jul 2008

'yes' Timeless offers unlimited calls on local, national and GSM networks within Australia

Optus today has 'taken the Cap off the mobile Cap' with the launch of 'yes' Timeless Plans - a unique suite of mobile plans giving consumer and business customers unlimited standard local and national calls, and calls and standard SMS to GSM mobiles within Australia.

"This industry first will change the way customers use their mobile by providing unlimited calls and SMS to networks within Australia. Un-timed calls will no longer be restricted to a landline.

"In the late nineties we revolutionised the mobile market with 'YesTime' and now 'yes' Timeless is another milestone in innovation for Optus.

"This is a clear disruption to the market, allowing customers the freedom to ditch their landline and be free to talk as long as they want and deliver real savings into their household budget," Warren Hardy, Optus Consumer Managing Director said.

Plans include:

  • The new 'yes' Timeless $99 (when taken with the $14.95 Mobile Internet Pack) includes unlimited standard local and national voice calls, standard SMS, MMS and calls made within Australia to GSM mobiles plus 200MB of data which can be used for Optus Zoo and Mobile Internet browsing.
  • The 'yes' Timeless $129 Plan includes unlimited standard local and national voice calls, standard SMS and MMS and calls made within Australia to GSM mobiles plus a mega 2GB of included Mobile Internet data, and includes voicemail deposits and retrievals - launching on 28 July.

"The 'yes' Timeless plans are ideal for people who worry about busting through their Cap when they talk and text. Optus is once again unshackling the mobile market, and giving our customers all the time in the world," Mr Hardy said.

On Sunday 20 July 2008, Optus began a national TV, press, online, radio and outdoor advertising campaign featuring the new 'yes' Timeless plans.

For more information and to view pricing visit www.optus.com.au/timeless.

Note to editor:

  • Also available for customers who want the option to choose their data pack is the 'yes' Timeless $119 Plan (is the standalone version of the 'yes' Timeless $99 when taken with the $14.95 Mobile Internet Pack) and includes unlimited voice, standard SMS and MMS plan for all calls made within Australia to GSM mobiles and fixed lines.
  • In addition to the plans mentioned, launching on 28 July, is the 'yes' $79 Cap Plan + Unlimited Text which includes $550 of included value to make calls and check voicemail within Australia as well as 'yes' time to call your Optus friends within Australia for 20mins between 8pm midnight free of charge 7 nights a week plus unlimited standard SMS anytime to any GSM mobile within Australia.

Media contact:
Melissa Clare / Tracy Monkman
Optus Corporate Affairs
Tel: (02) 8082 9021 / (02) 8082 5302

All of these plans are available with a choice of handsets including, the iPhone, and are offered on month-to-month, 12 months and 24 month options.