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Optus broadband speeds zoom
16 Nov 2005

Optus today announced it had overhauled its cable and DSL broadband plans and would offer customers simpler plans with faster download speeds and higher data limits.

Optus has restructured broadband plans into four simple offers:

Plan Name Standalone Data Limit Standalone Price Bundled Data Limit with 'yes' Data Bundled Price DSL download Speed Throttle speed cap
Light 300MB $39.95 300MB peak + 600MB off-peak $29.95 512 kbps 28.8kbps
Sprint 2GB $49.95 2GB peak + 4GB off-peak $39.95 512 kbps 28.8kbps
Advantage 7GB $59.95 7GB peak + 14GB off-peak $49.95 1.5 Mbps 64 kbps
Power 20GB $79.95 20GB peak + 40GB off-peak $69.95 1.5 Mbps 64 kbps

"We have eliminated the 256kbps speed and Optus DSL broadband customers will now receive at least 512kbps downstream speed. These new plans will allow customers to use broadband in the ways they demand," Optus Director Consumer Group Marketing, Michael Smith, said.

"Extensive research by Optus showed customers wanted plans that are easy to understand and improved broadband services. With the increased use of broadband for music, education and entertainment, speed and download limits are more important to customers.

"Optus introduced the successful concept of offering customers free months of broadband access in October 2004, but after listening to our customers we have decided to move on from this marketing approach and instead offer more competitive monthly rates, faster download speeds and fantastic value on data," Mr Smith said.

Optus has also expanded its off-peak broadband times from midnight to midday every day. If customers bundle their broadband plans with either an Optus home or mobile phone they receive up to $10 off their monthly bill and double their off-peak download limit.

"We know customers will love the simplicity and value of these new broadband offers," Mr Smith said.

"And by capping speeds when customers reach their download limit instead of charging an excess fee, Optus broadband customers will never be taken by surprise with their bill at the end of the month."

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Optus Corporate Affairs
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