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Parramatta or Paris - call overseas on your Optus Mobile for the same rate as a local call
30 Nov 2004

Optus Mobile makes it easier to keep in touch with family and friends this Christmas, no matter where they are, with the introduction of 'yes' International OneRate.

'yes' International OneRate is the first offer of its type in the Australian market and allows Optus Mobile customers to call overseas on their mobile phone for the same rate as a local call.

The ongoing offer applies to most* Optus Mobile customers - both post-paid and pre-paid. Pre-paid customers have had access since 18 October and post-paid since 22 November, 2004.

Allen Lew, Managing Director, Optus Mobile said that 'yes' International OneRate was developed in response to market demand for easy to understand plans.

"We surveyed the market and customers told us they wanted simpler mobile plans. So we created 'yes' International OneRate - the first offer of its type in Australia. Optus again innovates the market and our customers benefit.

"Under 'yes' International OneRate, no matter if you are calling Dubbo or Dublin, Geelong or Geneva or even Manly or Manchester, Optus Mobile customers will be charged the same flag fall and rate per 30 seconds as they pay for domestic calls under their current plan.

"People are often under the misconception that overseas calls are too expensive to make on your mobile phone, but with Optus it is the same price as calling someone down the street. It's that simple," Mr Lew said.

*Excludes the following rate plans: Day Time, Free Time, Secure Time, Optus Day Rate, Optus Night Rate and Ozitalk.

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Optus Corporate Affairs
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