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New broadband prices from Optus
27 Feb 2004

Optus announced today revised pricing for all its broadband internet plans.

On 1 March and 1 April respectively, OptusNet DSL and OptusNet Cable plans will be reduced in price by between $5 and $30 a month.

"Optus' entry into DSL has created new waves of competition and consumers are no doubt benefiting," said Martin Dalgleish, Managing Director of Optus Consumer and Multimedia.

"History shows that when Optus enters a category we bring a new vitality and a fresh marketing approach which leads to more competitive plans and more choice for consumers.

"We have seen a repeat of this over the last two weeks with DSL."

OptusNet Cable and DSL 300MB entry-level plans will both be $39.95. Optus' entry-level DSL plan offers the superior 512k speed – double the speed of other starter plans in the market.

Current OptusNet Broadband customers will be the first to benefit from the reduced prices because Optus will automatically migrate all customers to the new plans.

"The Optus approach to broadband is unique because we compete on more than just price - we offer premium packages," Mr Dalgleish said.

Optus will continue to offer flat rate pricing on all plans by not charging excess usage fees. Instead it speed throttles broadband services when customers exceed their limits. That means no bill shock for customers – unlike some other ISPs where customers can unwittingly exceed their download limits and face huge, unexpected charges at the end of the month.

"We have also rejected the industry standard of giving entry-level DSL plans speeds of 256k," Mr Dalgleish said.

"All our plans have a minimum speed of 512k to ensure we deliver the true rich media experience customers expect from ‘real' broadband.

"Industry experts agree that quality, full screen or TV-like experiences on the internet for video and multimedia entertainment are only possible with 512k speeds," he said.

All OptusNet Broadband plans are simple and transparent, all plans have 12-month contracts and all plans offer bundled benefits including up to 100 free local calls a month.

In addition to driving competition through these premium plans, Optus will drive broadband take up through continued innovation in marketing and distribution.

Optus has launched a multi-million dollar marketing campaign "Fly", which includes executions in TV, print, outdoor, cinema, online and direct mail.

For the first time, Optus will offer broadband via retail with 133 Optus World stores around the country selling the product from Monday. Customers will be able to check their serviceability and purchase a DSL self-install kit in-store.

"I urge people to shop around before they commit to a broadband plan. Look at more than the headline price and check for hidden dangers like slow speeds, unrealistic download limits, contract length and excess usage fees," Mr Dalgleish said.

OptusNet broadband bundled pricing

OptusNet DSL Old Price New Price Start date Change
'yes' Starter 300MB $49.95 $39.95 1 March $10 off
'yes' Lite 1GB $59.95 $49.95 1 March $10 off
'yes' Unlimited* $79.95 $69.95 1 March $10 off
'yes' Unlimited Pro** $129.95 $99.95 1 March $30 off
OptusNet Cable Old Price New Price Start date Change
'yes' Starter 300MB $49.95 $39.95 1 March $10 off
'yes' Lite 1GB $54.95 $49.95 1 April $5 off
'yes' Unlimited* $69.95 $64.95 1 April $5 off
'yes' Unlimited Pro** $109.95 $94.95 1 April $15 off

OptusNet DSL product highlights:

  • OptusNet DSL is available in metropolitan and many regional areas of NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC, SA and WA
  • Flat monthly pricing with no financial penalties for excess downloads
  • 512k speed for ALL plans
  • 12-month contract for ALL plans
  • Uploads are not counted towards customers' data usage - meaning the download allowance goes further
  • Residential bundled benefits – up to 100 free local calls, discounts on installation
  • Easy self installation from $149
  • Plans from $39.95 a month
  • Existing OptusNet dial up customers moving to OptusNet DSL can keep their existing login and email address
  • Add $29 per month to your monthly fee and upgrade to the premium speed option of 1500k

*Speed limiting applies after 12GB.
**Speed limiting applies after 20GB. Speed limiting applies to all OptusNet Cable and DSL plans once data allowance is reached. Should you exceed your plan's monthly data allowance you will not pay any excess usage charges. Instead, your data usage will be speed limited to a maximum speed of a 28.8kbps dial-up modem until the first day of the next billing month. You will stay connected to your OptusNet service for the remainder of the month and will be able to use email, surf sites and download information - just at the slower speed. In practice the speed will be limited to a data speed ranging between 20kbps and 28.8kbps. Data Usage and Data Allowance are measured in Megabytes (MB) and for all purposes 1 Gigabyte (GB) = 1000 Megabytes (MB). Unused data allowance in any month cannot be rolled into subsequent months.

For more information:
Melissa Favero
Optus Corporate Affairs
Tel: (02) 9342 5030