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Optus brings competition to rural WA
26 Oct 1999

Cable & Wireless Optus today entered into an agreement with the Government of Western Australia to offer - for the first time - real competition in the supply of data communications to government agencies in remote and rural areas of the state.

Stephen Beynon, Cable & Wireless Optus' Director Data and Business Services welcomed the Government's decision. "We are very pleased to have been named as one of two telecommunications carriers to supply data communications services to government in remote areas of the state," Mr Beynon said.

"As the owner of some of the world's most advanced satellite, cable and mobile networks, Cable & Wireless Optus is well positioned to ensure government agencies have fast and reliable access to the data and other communication services they need.

"Optus has been able to lower communications costs whenever it has entered a market. The $6 million the Government is providing will go towards establishing satellite receiving equipment in some of the most remote locations in the country. Those areas will then have access to the very competitive services Optus has been able to offer elsewhere.

"Not only will prices for Government communication fall, and more advanced services be made available, but the new infrastructure may have flow on effects for residents in remote areas of Western Australia. For example, we have recently successfully demonstrated - in Western Australia - satellite provision of pay television, Internet, telephony and high speed data" Mr Beynon said.

Cable & Wireless Optus will work in partnership with AlphaWest, West Australia's largest multidisciplinary IT&T service provider, to provide a fully managed service for government agencies.

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