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Directors right @Home
01 Dec 1999

Following the recent announcement of its new CEO Chris Chapman, @Home Network Australia has appointed a dynamic team of directors to develop and manage its high-speed cable Internet business.

Donna Lachance, Director of Multimedia for Cable & Wireless Optus and Peter Scocimara, Vice President, International, for Excite@Home, believe the new directors have specialist skills that will contribute towards the successful programming, marketing and management of Australia?s unique high-speed cable Internet service, Optus@Home.

According to Scocimara and Lachance, each director has a strong background in their own right, but as a team, they will redefine the concept of high-speed Internet in Australia.

The @Home Network Australia team of directors comprises:

Caroline Williams, Director of Marketing

Caroline Williams has an in-depth knowledge of the Internet services market in Australia. Within her role as the manager of Telstra Big Pond?s Home & Business teams, she launched online content areas and contributed to winning a series of product awards for the company. Caroline will be responsible for building awareness of the benefits of high-speed cable Internet and creating demand for the Optus@Home service.

Cindy Reid, Director of Human Resources

Cindy Reid has a comprehensive understanding of the human resources requirements of joint venture companies. As the former Human Resources Manager for joint ventures such as Advantra, the IBM-Telstra Alliance and ISSC (the precursor to IBM Global Services Australia), she understands the complexities of enabling and facilitating an organisation like @Home Network Australia to recruit, motivate, retain and utilise the best people in the industry.

Marina Lucas, Director of Customer Support

Marina Lucas has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry having held senior management and executive positions for Cable & Wireless Optus and Telstra. She is acutely aware of the issues related to establishing and managing a dedicated customer support division, having undertaken the task previously. Marina will be the driving force behind @Home Network Australia's customer services division.

Robyn Milner, Director of Finance

Robyn Milner has extensive experience in dealing with consumer-focused companies. As the former financial controller for Tricon Restaurants International (previously Pepsico Restaurants International) and finance consultant for Burger King Asia Pacific, she has a strong understanding of consumer trends and the fast pace companies must maintain to stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry.

Already on the team is John Garner, Director of Marketing, Sales & Programming. His role is to transfer knowledge from the US operation and facilitate and assist the marketing, sales and programming directors in establishing and running Optus@Home.

About @Home Network Australia

@Home Network Australia was formed earlier this year through the joint venture of leading broadband service provider and portal, Excite@Home and Australian integrated communications company, Cable & Wireless Optus.

Working closely with Cable & Wireless Optus, @Home Network Australia delivers Optus@Home, the high-speed cable Internet service. Optus@Home is a complete online service that delivers a high speed, constant and immediate connection to the Internet, with a complete set of features and revolutionary "broadband" content. Delivered over the Optus HFC (Hybrid Fibre/Coaxial) cable, Optus@Home has the potential to reach 2.2 million homes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

With six million Australians currently using the Internet, Australia is a growth market for high-speed cable Internet services. The Australian Bureau of Statistics report on "Business use of the Internet" reveals steadily increasing usage as e-commerce users shift from being early adopters to mainstream users of the Internet. An opportunity exists for a high-speed Internet service with uniquely Australian content like Optus@Home to further fuel the adoption of Internet use.

To sign up or obtain more information about Optus@Home, visit the Web site at http://cable.optusnet.com.au/.

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