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Cable & Wireless Optus and Seven Network Sign Mobile Deal
24 Feb 1999

The Seven Network and Cable & Wireless Optus have announced an agreement for the provision of mobile communication services.

The Seven Network, through its wholly owned subsidiary Mobility GSM Pty Ltd, has become an Optus mobile service provider. In time, MobilityGSM will operate nationally and provide a full range of telecommunications products and services, commencing in Western Australia.

Both companies strongly support MobilityGSM's mobile product "B Clear and Simple" and hope that a range of additional service provision agreements will be signed in the near future.

Chris Anderson, Chief Executive of Cable & Wireless Optus, said that this agreement again showed the confidence other companies had in the strength of Optus' mobile network. "Cable & Wireless Optus is confident that this new arrangement will lead to many more customers gaining access to the Optus mobile network.

Seven Network CEO, Julian Mounter said that "Seven's telecommunication efforts will be an important component of our overall communication and entertainment strategy. The experienced management and efficient infrastructure of MobilityGSM provide a solid platform on which we can develop this part of our business."

Introducing its trademark "B", MobilityGSM launched a marketing campaign in Western Australia this week for its "B Clear and Simple" consumer mobile phone service. The company's mobile phone handsets and services are sold and distributed directly to consumers via its 13 30 20 telephone sales line. Using this approach, the retail margins traditionally earned by mobile dealers are instead passed on to the consumer in the form of cost savings. The direct fulfillment service will be facilitated by a state-of-the-art call centre, an electronic commerce web site and a 'just-in-time' hardware fulfillment system.

In its marketing, MobilityGSM will address some consumers' frustration over some mobile phone pricing plans. Direct fulfillment offers great value for money and will allow pricing to be clearly understood.

MobilityGSM also plans to offer subscribers a range of value added services such as a co-branded loyalty program, virtual e-mail and voice information services. "B Mail" will let subscribers send and receive email without a computer or internet connection and "B Line" will offer recorded news, weather, sport, horoscope and share price information from a single access line, with preferences customised by the user.

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