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Diversity and culture

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Diversity & cultureOptus is diverse along many dimensions. We recognise that a talented and diverse workforce is a key competitive advantage and that each employee brings their own unique capabilities, experiences and characteristics to their work. We value this diversity at all levels of the company.

Ensuring that recruitment processes take into account diverse cultural requirements enables us to benefit from the broad range of knowledge and experience that people from diverse cultures bring to the company.

Optus is committed to ensuring equitable access to employment by prospective and existing staff members regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, or whether English is their first language. We aim to eliminate discrimination within our corporate culture.

Optus’ Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Policy has been developed having regard to and consistent with our vision and mission as well as corporate policies such as Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and anti-discrimination laws.

To reinforce our approach to equal opportunity in the workplace, all employees are required to complete an equal opportunity module as part of their induction and refresh this training every two years. Additionally, recruitment skills workshops are held with all hiring managers so that they are aware of the responsibility to ensure that all of our hiring decisions are made on a merit basis and have no aspects of direct or indirect discrimination.