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Corporate & Regulatory

LonghornOptus has a primary set of corporate divisions established to support the entire business. Corporate divisions include, Corporate Marketing, Group Finance, and Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, which includes Internal Communications and Legal.

In a large company like Optus, communication is very important – both internal communications, and communication about the company to the outside world. Communications roles are very ideas focused. There is also a strong people focus, as they are involved in both gathering information and guiding others in effective communication efforts.

Most of the Optus business units contain specialist communications staff, who are responsible for communicating within the business unit, and who also support communication from the Business Unit up to the Executive Committee.

Corporate Affairs / Internal Communications

In addition, Optus has a Corporate Affairs team that fulfils the corporate communication function for Optus as a whole. Corporate Affairs deals with public relations and the media, as well as internal communication. In addition, Corporate Affairs involves working with market and media research, and employee feedback statistics, so its staff needs to be comfortable with “data.”


Optus requires a full range of legal services to support its commercial divisions, and also its technical and corporate areas. Work managed by the Optus Legal Team includes negotiating customer contracts, dealing with trade practices issues, and managing any litigation in which Optus is involved.


The telecommunications industry in Australia operates within a complex regulatory environment.  As a result of this complexity, Optus has a Regulatory team (who are quite distinct from the Legal team) to proactively manage the broad range of issues that arise and ensure compliance.