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Blues skies to 2020 and beyond

A responsibility to Australia

Australia’s national satellite system was commissioned by the Australian Government in 1981 when it formed AUSSAT to launch and operate a fleet of satellites. The first two – called A1 and A2 – were launched in 1985 aboard NASA space shuttles.

Optus acquired AUSSAT and its satellites when it became Australia’s new telecommunications carrier in January 1992. Australia’s communications requirements were growing rapidly and becoming more sophisticated. We faced the challenge head-on to become a potent strategic telecommunications force within the Asia-Pacific region.

And to Australians

One of the reasons that Optus has grown and prospered is through a sincere commitment to people. And we believe we have a responsibility beyond just providing you with communications solutions. We extend our commitment to community, environment and the workplace, being important pillars of our corporate social responsibility.

Blue skies to 2020 and beyond

Throughout the Optus organisation you can feel a real excitement about the future. Optus D series satellites – D1, D2 and D3 will increase our fleet capacity by 30% to help meet the growth in customer demand to 2020 and beyond.

Optus people bring a genuine enthusiasm to creating innovative technologies that deliver commerce, education, essential services and entertainment to businesses and communities. That enthusiasm has made us Australia’s satellite industry leader.