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As a key player in the telecommunications industry, Optus regularly shares its views on the latest developments in the telecommunications and business community.

Latest Speeches and Reports

08 Oct 2013 Vicky Brady delivers keynote speech at Comms Day Congress
(PDF, 177KB)
Vicki Brady, Managing Director, Customer, delivered the keynote speech at CommsDay Congress on Tuesday 8 October, 2013. Vicki shared the changes Optus has undertaken to deliver a brilliant experience for Optus customers.
26 July 2013 David Epstein address to Communications Alliance Forum
(PDF, 80.1KB)
David Epstein, Vice President, Optus Corporate & Regulatory Affairs, addressed the Communications Alliance Forum on Thursday 26 July, 2013. David’s speech looked at technical, product and service regulation within the Australian communications sector.
25 June 2013 Customer Service: Expectations and Perceptions Report
(PDF, 2.1MB)
Optus has explored what good customer service looks like through the eyes of Australians in the Customer Service: Expectations and Perceptions Report by Optus for 2013.
30 May 2013 Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce address
Kevin Russell, Chief Country Officer, Australia, SingTel and CEO Consumer, Optus, addressed business leaders and influencers at a recent Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce event. Kevin discussed the transformation of the Australian telecommunications industry and the renewed focus on customers from Optus.
10 Apr 2013 CommsDay Summit 2013
David Epstein, Vice President, Optus Corporate & Regulatory Affairs, addressed attendees at CommsDay Summit 2013 in Sydney, Australia’s leading telecommunication industry summit. David’s speech focussed on Telco regulation in an election year.
22 Nov 2012 iStrategy Conference Melbourne
Austin R. Bryan, VP of L!festream, presented to high-level marketing professionals at the iStrategy Conference 2012 in Melbourne. Austin focused on the current digital landscape of Australia, highlighting the opportunities present through mobile advertising.
10 Oct 2012 CommsDay Melbourne Congress 2012
Rob Parcell, Managing Director of Wholesale & Satellite, delivered a speech to telecommunications executives and influencers at the Melbourne CommsDay Congress 2012 on creating a competitive telco future. Rob discussed the industry changes across NBN, 4G and over-the-top products and services. He highlighted opportunities that the industry needs to grasp through innovation, and the role Optus is playing to enable this.
9 Oct 2012 CommsDay Melbourne Congress 2012
Vicki Brady, Managing Director of Customer, delivered a keynote speech to telecommunications executives and influencers at the Melbourne CommsDay Congress 2012. Vicki discussed the challenges facing the telco industry in meeting changing customer expectations. Vicki also reinforced Optus’ renewed focus on providing customers with a superior experience.
17 Apr 2012 Embracing Digital for the Next Era of Growth
Austin R. Bryan, Director of Optus Digital Media, addressed industry influencers and media to open the CommsDay Summit 2012 in Sydney. Austin discussed the rapid rate of change of the current telecommunications industry environment whilst touching on the importance of digital products and relationships with local content producers.
16 Mar 2012 Fixed and Wireless Broadband: the Oxygen for Australia's Digital Economy
Optus Chief Executive Paul O'Sullivan addressed guests at an AIIA Luncheon in Brisbane where he looked at the future of communications and the role of wireless technologies such as 4G in building a truly national digital economy.
18 Nov 2011 Celebrating Twenty Years of Competition
Paul O'Sullivan Optus Chief Executive addressed guests at a luncheon hosted by the Committee of Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) on Friday 18 November 2011 where he discussed the impact of competition on the telecoms sector over the past 20 years and offered his perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with respect to the National Broadband Network.
18 Nov 2011 'Unfinished Business' - 20 years of competition - Ovum Report
14 Nov 2011 The future is digital and the future is now
Austin R. Bryan, Director, Optus Digital Media, delivered a plenary at the SPAA (Screen Producers Association of Australia) Conference on 14 November 2011. The speech explored the digital media future and the trends and opportunities for the industry.
21 July 2011 Personal learnings from working at SingTel
Paul O'Sullivan addressed the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne on 21 July 2011 where he shared some of his personal learnings from working at one of Asia's largest companies, SingTel, as well as discussing the opportunities that exist for Australian companies looking to do business in Asia.
22 Jun 2011 Navigating the journey of cloud transformation
Optus Business Managing Director Rob Parcell delivered the keynote address at the Business of Cloud Computing forum at CommunicAsia in Singapore. His speech focused on navigating the journey of cloud transformation and provided insights on how cloud will impact your people and processes and the industry’s role in solving the cloud security challenge. Rob also touched on where we see the cloud going in the future.
31 May 2011 Building a Digital Superstructure for Australia
Paul O'Sullivan delivered a keynote address at CeBIT in Sydney on 31 May 2011. In his speech he talked about the technology trends impacting the market and the requirements for creating a digital superstructure in Australia.
29 Mar 2011 CommsDay 2011 Summit
Vicki Brady, Optus Wholesale & Satellite Managing Director, addressed attendees at the CommsDay 2011 Summit, Australia’s leading telecommunication industry summit. Her speech was titled A Wholesale Telco in a National Broadband Network World.
24 Mar 2011 American Chamber of Commerce
Paul O'Sullivan addressed the American Chamber of Commerce at a Business Briefing in Sydney on 24 March 2011.  In his speech he talked about rapid changes in the telecoms sector and the need to meet - and exceed - customer expectations.  
27 Feb 2011 Kickstart Forum 2011
Optus Chief Executive, Paul O’Sullivan, delivered a speech to attendees of the Kickstart ICT media conference on the Gold Coast where he introduced the idea of ensuring competition is protected on the NBN by putting the operation of the NBN out to competitive tender; and creating an independent oversight board for NBN Co.
01 Dec 2009 Leveraging NBN to deliver Australia 3.0
Paul O'Sullivan, Optus Chief Executive, delivered a speech to members and guests at the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) CEO Vision Series in Sydney today on the subject of 'Leveraging NBN to deliver Australia 3.0'. Mr O'Sullivan's speech covered three main themes: The 'Megatrends' driving the telecommunications industry, Telco regulatory reform and the impact on Telstra and its shareholders, NBN – what the future holds.
05 June 2009 Getting a Viable NBN
21 Oct 2008 Securing Major Competitive Investment: How to Repeat the Success of the Early Nineties
21 Oct 2008 Comments on the Telstra Submission on Vertical Integration and Separation
25 Jun 2008 Structural separation and investment in the National Broadband Network environment
Following his trip to Australia Dr Chris Doyle has revised his paper to give better regard to the specific competition issues we face in Australia with the migration to the NBN.
18 Jun 2008 Structural separation and investment in the National Broadband Network environment
Dr Chris Doyle is from Warwick University in the UK and is an international expert on structural separation of telecommunication. In this report, Dr Doyle explains that "structural separation" means that Telstra's network would be owned separately from its other business divisions such as retail. The key advantage "is that it removes the incentives for the owner of the network to behave in a discriminatory manner." It also "greatly reduces the job of regulating." Dr Doyle explains that there are a range of 'separation' models, from the weakest form, accounting separation, to the strongest form, structural separation.
05 Jun 2008 Competition: The catalyst for innovation and new technology in telecommunications
On Thursday 5 June 2008, Optus Chief Executive Paul O’Sullivan delivered the UTS Faculty of Engineering Zunz Lecture.
26 May 2008 Structural Separation for a National Broadband Network
Optus asked CEG-Asia Pacific to provide a high-level report on the economic costs and benefits of structural separation in the specific context of the deployment of a national broadband network (NBN). In particular CEG was asked to consider the economic consequences of a model of separation in which the owner of the NBN, including the local loops, digital subscriber line (DSL) and backhaul equipment is separated from other network and retail activities. An important context to this report is the recent Request for Proposals for the deployment of a high-speed broadband network issued by the Federal Government.
29 Apr 2008 Competition: Easy to talk about, Hard to deliver
Optus CEO Paul O'Sullivan addresses the ABN AMRO Communications Conference in Sydney, April 2008
02 Oct 2007 Optus Centre Sydney
Optus CEO Paul O'Sullivan's speech to guests at the official opening of Optus Centre Sydney.
18 Apr 2007 Being a successful and sustainable challenger
Optus CEO Paul O'Sullivan's speech to guests at the 2007 ABN Amro Communications Conference.
21 Feb 2007 G9 FTTN Proposal Progress Update
06 Dec 2006 Ever-Growing Power of the Telecommunications User
Paul O'Sullivan delivered a speech on the Ever-Growing Power of the Telecommunications User at the Communications Alliance Directors' Lunch
27 Oct 2006 Connecting a competitive Australia
Paul Fletcher, Director of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Optus, delivered a speech to guests and members of the NSW Country Press Association on Connecting a better Australia.
24 Aug 2006 The role of investment & capital in Australia's competitiveness
Paul O'Sullivan, Chief Executive Optus, at AICC in Melbourne.
10 July 2006 Building a higher bandwidth Australia while protecting and strengthening competition
10 July 2006 A Competitive Model for National Broadband Upgrade
28 June 2006 FTTN Consortium Working Paper
18 May 2006 Funny or Serious? Telstra's Public Affairs Strategy since mid 2005
Paul Fletcher, Director, Corporate & Regulatory Affairs, Optus, at an event hosted by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).
05 May 2006 Allen Consulting Group Broadband Research Report
06 April 2006 Celebrating the Forces of Change!
Paul O'Sullivan, Optus Chief Executive, at ABN AMRO's 5th Communication Conference.
16 Feb 2006 How to make broadband a mass market industry
Paul O'Sullivan, Optus Chief Executive at the Internet Industry Association Annual Dinner.
01 Dec 2005 The moment of truth in Australian telecommunications
Paul O'Sullivan, Optus Chief Executive at the Trans Tasman Business Council.
22 Sep 2005 Ensuring a competitive telecommunications sector - and why it matters to Australia
Paul O'Sullivan, Optus Chief Executive at CEDA.
09 Jun 2005 The Changing Face of Australian Telecommunications – and what that means for Australia
Paul O'Sullivan, Optus Chief Executive.
19 May 2005 The growing importance of content for the telecommunications industry
Paul O'Sullivan, Optus Chief Executive at ABN Amro.
06 Apr 2005 Stimulating a competitive telecommunications sector as Telstra is privatised
Paul O'Sullivan, Optus Chief Executive at CEDA.

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