About Optus
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Self Regulation

Optus is subject to a self-regulatory regime, which was implemented in 1997 to foster competition, and is coordinated by the Communications Alliance Ltd. Communications Alliance is an industry owned, resourced and operated company established by the telecommunications industry to implement and manage communications industry self-regulation within Australia.

The Regulatory Compliance team manages Optus' involvement in the Communications Alliance, including its participation in the development of industry Codes, Guidelines and Standards. In relation to technical issues, the Regulatory Compliance team works closely with Optus' Technology and Planning group, which form part of Optus' Networks division. The team is also responsible for coordinating Optus' internal Code compliance activities, including the sign-up to registered Industry Codes. These Codes are developed by the Australian Communications Industry Forum Ltd (ACIF), which is a division of Communications Alliance Ltd.

Optus is committed to compliance with all registered Codes.