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Numbering & Portability

There are a number of legislative provisions related to numbering issues, although the primary one is the Telecommunications Numbering Plan 1997 ("the Numbering Plan"). Optus has an obligation to comply with the requirements of the Numbering Plan.

The Numbering Plan sets out a scheme for the numbers used with the provision of telecommunications services in Australia. This includes geographic numbers and the so-called special services numbers such as 13 and 1800 numbers. The Numbering Plan also makes rules about the use and allocation of numbers, number portability and the transfer of numbers.

Optus is represented on the Australian Communications and Media Authority's (ACMA's) Numbering Advisory Committee. The Committee provides advice to the ACMA on the application and evolution of the Numbering Plan.

The ACMA imposes an annual charge on the numbers allocated to carriage service providers, including Optus. The amount of charge is determined annually and varies with the length and type of number.

Further information about the Numbering Plan is available from the ACMA website. The website also has a register of allocated numbers with an extensive search function. This is useful in tracking down which numbers are allocated to which carriage service providers and associated details.

Additional legislative and self-regulatory instruments are listed below:

  1. For Mobile Number Portability
    ACIF Mobile Number Portability Code (ACIF C570:2005)
    ACIF Mobile Number Portability Customer Information Guideline (ACIF G574:2001)
    ACIF Mobile Number Portability Ported Number Register (ACIF G575:2001)
  2. For Local Number Portability
    ACIF Local Number Portability Code (ACIF C540:2006)
  3. For Number Charges
    Telecommunications (Numbering Charges) Act 1997
    Telecommunications (Exemption from Annual Charge) Determination 2005
    Telecommunications (Date of Imposition of Charge) Determination 2006
    Telecommunications (Amounts of Annual Charge) Determination 2002
    Telecommunications (Annual Numbering Charge - Late Payment Penalty) Determination 2000