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Customer Service Guarantee

The Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) Standard is administered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). It requires telephone providers to meet performance standards for residential and small business customers and to provide users with financial compensation when these standards are not met.

The CSG Standard specifies timeframes for the connection of specified services, the repair of faults and the attendance of appointments. This applies to the Standard Telephone Service, your telephone line, and some features. These features are Call Waiting, Call Barring, Call Divert, Call Number Display and Call Number Display Suppression.

Optus' ability to meet the CSG Standard can be impacted by circumstances beyond our control, for example severe storms or bushfires. Where these affect a large number of services, Optus may claim an exemption for a Mass Service Disruption. Advice of such Mass Service Disruptions are printed in major newspapers and on this website, for both direct-connect customers and for resale telephony customers.

The Optus Commitment under the CSG Standard provides details of the service commitments Optus makes to you. Further information about the CSG Standard is available from the ACMA website. This includes the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011.

Optus Commitment

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