About Optus
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GovernanceWe adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance and responsible business practices and continue to work steadily towards integrating sustainability across our organisation. We believe sustainability offers a point of difference for our customers, employees and community and helps to build a resilient business that delivers value to shareholders.

Our Corporate Responsibility Steering Group was formed in 2010 and provides strategic leadership, governance and oversight of our approach. The primary role of the Steering Group is to assist the Board in fulfilling Optus’ commitment to conduct its business responsibly and ethically. The Steering Group helps to drive our agenda ensuring that our priorities are aligned with business strategy.

The Steering Group comprises six members of the Executive Committee and is led by our Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Russell. A Corporate Responsibility Taskforce representing key parts of the business reports to the Steering Group and is responsible for implementing priorities and embedding corporate responsibility in our business.

More information about Optus' ethics policy and other policies are found in our latest Sustainability Report.