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Customer SolutionsOptus ensures accessibility and consumer protection through its involvement with the development and compliance with industry codes of practice.

Optus has both a Disability Action Plan and a Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Plan that guide our approach to the accessibility of our products and services for existing and prospective customers.

Optus’ Disability Action Plan is instrumental in improving the way we meet the needs of consumers in Australia. We provide disability aids such as teletypewriters, large button and volume control handsets, and information for customers who are deaf or have speech and/or hearing impairments is readily available.

Currently, Optus can provide its customers with large font and Braille bills for a number of products, and are working to extend this service further.

The Optus Special Assistance Service (OSAS) provides prioritised fault resolution services to Optus residential local telephony customers who have a certified life-threatening medical condition. More information on this service is available here.

Our Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Plan helps meet the company’s obligations under the anti-discrimination legislation and focuses on improving accessibility of all Optus’ goods and services for customers regardless of their race, colour, language or national and ethnic origins. Further information on the Optus Diversity Plan is available here.

Improving our customers’ experience is core to our business. Optus provides easily accessible methods for a customer to raise concerns with trained customer service representatives, and our complaint handling is designed to set us apart as the market leader for excellence in customer service. Find our more about our complaints handling policy here.

Optus customers count on our services to be reliable. We are expanding our rural and regional mobile coverage and building our own DSL network to provide broadband services to remote areas. Optus also provides 500 schools and homesteads with broadband Internet services via satellite in rural New South Wales, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Optus supports the fundamentals of the Universal Service Obligation (USO) in telecommunications and is committed to providing a minimum level of service to all Australian consumers, and improving competition across the country.

We aim to help customers avoid financial difficulties by providing clear pricing and information on all products and services. Usage meters, pre and post paid billing options and call restrictions are just a few options to help our customers control their expenditure. Pricing information is outlined in all customer contracts, and is also available here.

The Optus Financial Hardship Policy was developed to assist customers having difficulty paying their bill, and our Financial Advisory Support Team work with customers on a case-by-case basis to determine their eligibility for the hardship program. More information on our financial hardship initiatives is available here.